Who am I?

Let’s say I am a disrupter in the business arena, overriding ‘typical’ results and the length of time taken to achieve them

Well, I could start with I am a global leader in the field of consciousness and quantum-based business results for over 30 years, working with Founders and CEOs to, High Profile Personalities and Stock Traders, to Health Experts, Coaches and beyond…

However, what you really want to know is what results can you expect from working with me.

My clients received these results quickly with my help:

> Moved into higher level positions years before they expected

> Gotten the recognition they desired

> Helped create 5, 6 and 7 figure leaps in business results

> Doubled or tripled their income

> Found the love of their life, their perfect home and the lifestyle they dreamed of on their terms

> Had extraordinary, out of the blue opportunities fall into their lap* Gotten clients whenever they want

> Had 30% increases and more in their business income year over year

> Activated greater confidence to go all in on their big vision backed by the power to achieve it

> Gotten supreme clarity on the specific steps to take their business & life to the next level.

Here’s a few specific client results:

Zack (Toronto), doubled his company's monthly revenue for 6 straight months and attracted an acquisition deal, growing his company's value to over $12.5 MILLION

Kathleen (Melbourne), attracted an extra $58,246 in new clients and unexpected wins within a few weeks using the formula taught in the Quantum VIP Accelerator.

Kir-sten (Perth), applied the Quantum Leap Accelerator formula to her Forex trading... taking her portfolio from $200K to $500K in one week. She then, doubled her portfolio again to over $1 MILLION in one month.

Jessie (Toronto), when "al-in on all-in" activating, integrating and accelerating growing his company revenue by 600% and attracted over $1.5 MILLION worth of investo funds lined up to grow his company to the next level... Plus, received an unexpected inheritance paying off his mortgage.

Jason (Canada), raised $200,000 in investor capital needed quickly in a highly competitive space when the others said it couldn't be done applying the 3-Pillar Formula he learnt in the Quantum VIP Accelerator.

Ferg (Brooklyn), quantum leaped from being a school educator to signing 3 new artist director and soundtrack deals with international movie ‘Titans’ worth MILLIONS (Wakanda Forever). Then, manifested a full ride scholarship to Harvard Business School, heading up a $9 Billion A.I. Music facility.


Highly goal-oriented, you like to move fast and accomplish things quickly. You're a doer.

Ready to make some significant changes in your personal and/or professional life

Pretty good at consciously creating but not as consistently as you'd like

Sometimes falling into the trap of working harder but falling further behind.

Not consistently getting the deals, promotions or things, in general, that you expected

Very busy and know there is a better way to achieve things and don't have the time to figure it out

Open-minded to the latest teachings in consciousness and you consider yourself on the cutting edge in most everything you do

Ready to work with the right person to get you where you want to go.


To work with an experienced professional who can understand where you're at and give you the straight goods on what will help you get your desired result

To not waste time, but work smarter, not harder (& perhaps work less)

To spend your down time doing what you love and not figuring out how to unlock that missing piece.

Things to be easier, more in flow 

Someone to be able to see what's keeping you out of alignment and quickly show you the path to your goal 

To use whatever consciousness teachings that work 

To have an easy to implement plan and tools with the little free time you have that will accelerate your success

Up to this moment, your love of personal development has helped you experience some magic moments and milestone results in your business and personal life however you feel there's so much more to experience?

You are ready to level up and play a much bigger game.

You can see this exciting reality in your mind and every fibre of your being wants it,

However, doubt brings questions of "how" and makes it seem like a distant fantasy-within the grasp of your imagination but out of your current reach.

Your doubt convinces you that it is safer to stay where you are and trust in what is "known" rather than go to what is perceived as dangerous in the "unknown".

This mindset will always keep you from living the life your soul is calling you to live.

But what if you came to know the reality you want is not in the unknown but exists right now in the known and is just as real as this reality you are currently experiencing.

This is why so many people are unsuccessful in manifesting their preferred realities because they are using effort to create something that already exists.

This unnecessary effort, grind, and constant need to be more or do more stem from the belief that the desired reality is beyond their current grasp.

But what if I told you, you don't need to "create" it? Instead, you can "select" and "allow" it from the infinite available realities in the Quantum field.

Here and now is where your true "Pure Power" resides.

Any commands or intentions geared towards a future that seems distant will contradict the frequency of the preferred reality already available to you. 

This is where many Law of Attraction approaches are flawed. Goal setting and the idea that you must learn to attract your preferred reality contradicts the truth that it is already here.

This is a game changing shift in perspective that will allow you to embrace the reality you desire, through an unconditional approach of ease and allowing rather than a conditional approach of effort and grind.

Quantum VIP Accelerator

Exponential leaps in results are available to you, right now. 

Let me show you first-hand how to create your own evidence of this using my proven Quantum VIP Accelerator™

It is not a distant dream– it's a present opportunity waiting to be realised.

"You are going to experience a reality today, so why not select the best one?"

If you feel "ready" to go ALL IN on your Quantum Leap, let me be the one to help you achieve it.

Book a "no-pressure" QUANTUM STRATEGY CALL with me by clicking the button below.

To your continued quantum success,