Special Guest Interview With Julie Deitz

Julie has an incredible wealth of knowledge surrounding all things astrological.

During our NEAM call this Tuesday, Julie emphasised just how empowering it is to understand your birth chart.

...Knowing how outer, worldly circumstances will affect your personal life, having insights into your tendencies, and being able to tap into your innate gifts will transform not just your work, but your whole life.

It is in this way that astrology gives YOU POWER.

….Highlights of our conversation:

01.20 - The importance of astrology and why you should have your birth chart interpreted

06.35 - With vast planetary shifts occurring this year, we delve into the all mighty question; what do they mean for YOU?

17.00 - What financial changes and the emergence of cryptocurrency have to do with the zodiac

25.24 - A time for expansion, going deep into shadow work, and clearing our tumbling blocks

28.25 - Changes in human consciousness in 2020

33.20 - Is there an alternative paradigm we can opt into?

37.10 - The south node and our karmic bank

Do you notice any correlations between planetary shifts and what you have feel or experience in your reality?

And, if you're interested in interpreting your very own birth chart, find out more on Julie's website at https://www.juliedeitz.com