Special Guest Interview With Julie Wintle

Our guest, Julie Wintle has a strong 15 years of experience as a business owner under her belt and in this interview we were keen to unpack how this inspiring powerhouse continues to raise the bar on her business year, after year.

Attributing her business success namely to evolving spiritual practices such as daily meditation, yoga - And, aligning with the right coach - Julie has experienced first hand that when you cultivate energy from within, your business will reflect that vibration and growth.

….Highlights of our conversation!

00:58 - From concept to reality: Getting to know the story behind 15 year-old Streamlined Dictation, and how working on her fears and beliefs with a coach begun to turn up the notch on her business

08:25 - Entering a new paradigm, one where fear is no longer the lead singer. We examine the magic that occurs as a result of blending energy, spiritual growth and business

14:56 - Julie shares her top daily practices for creating space for clarity, spiritual downloads and balance as a business owner

22:24 - Setting the intention: Doubling her vision in the next 188 days

26:58 - Final words of wisdom from Julie emphasise that energy and vibration are everything.

Find out more on her website: https://www.streamlinedictation.com/about-us/ ,

or get in touch with her here: