Special Guest Interview With Martin Rutte

Ambassadors, the highly anticipated recording of this LIVE group call with Martin is now available to watch!

As the Founder of Project Heaven on Earth, Martin is committed to a path of exploring peoples’ vision for the kind of world they deeply long for. He believes that we all have a divine knowing of what Heaven On Earth looks and feels like, and encourages us to begin the process of making it real, TODAY.

In this LIVE NEAM training we discuss:

03:45 - Martin introduces The birth of Project Heaven
on Earth - he shares his story, the inspiration, as well as the fears that arose when he set out to create a vision for the kind of world we are all truly and deeply longing for

05:55 - The THREE pivotal questions that makes the concept of Heaven On Earth possible for each and every single one of us.

And, Matt himself gets put in the spotlight to share his answers!

15:10 - Transcending religious dogma and fundamental societal beliefs around the word ‘heaven’, re-contextualising the concept to make it permissible for everyone to experience Heaven On Earth - right HERE and right NOW

25:50 - Your divine knowing

43:40 - Awakening the ‘Light WALKER’ within others

59:00 - The future vision of project Heaven On Earth

Find out more about Martin: http://projectheavenonearth.com

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