Special Guest Interview With Pamm

Pam is a Professional Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, mind coach and psycho spiritual counsellor who practices hypnotherapy as a powerful foundational tool to create transformation in the lives of her patients.

And, in this beautiful teary episode we chat about self empowerment, self responsibility and being aware of our godself in order to heal our body, soul, mind and gaia.

….Highlights of our conversation!

  • 05:10 - Manifesting from a place of love
  • 06:42 - Holding the tune for others - a metaphor on the “orchestra of life”
  • 10:00 - The environment of intent
  • 16:00 - Pam shares a technique she uses with her clients to provoke an immediate shift state of awareness
  • 21:18 - What to do when you’ve done all the shadow and inner work on yourself, yet still feel contracted or triggered by old-wounds associated with some people’s energy...
  • 28.56 - Symptoms of a deeper cause - developing an unconditional love for Gaia


Find out more on her website http://ascensiondynamics.co.nz/about-pamm/, or get in touch with her here: https://www.facebook.com/ascensiondynamics.co.nz/

Every moment of everyday we are creating. We are creating either a destructive energy around us or renewal.

Right now are you in a place of renewal, or destruction?