Special Guest Interview With Sally Thurley

The Art of Dharma - bringing life into harmony with spirit.
“Life is one Epic Dharma.”

Total Dharma Queen, Sally Lakshmi Thurley is a mystic, yogini, spiritual teacher, and driven to create an enlightened society through spiritual leadership – wisdom, love and dharma and grace. She is a published author of the book the ‘She-Monk: Daily Life is the New Spiritual Practice’. She is establishing an avenue for spiritual women to be the new spiritual leaders and not defined by a restriction of historical context or society expectations- the new teachers, visionaries and healers; a decent spirituality that's b.s. free, clean, real, practical, sacred.

After spending decades studying and living non-dual Eastern wisdom spiritual practice and philosophy with an ashram, Sally has learned how to merge spiritual practice, self-awareness, personal development and service to humanity through Dharma as a soul brand. She also has her own spiritual awakening and learning centre the Self Knowledge Sangha and has recently launched her own yoga – Spandshakti Yoga.

"This yoga is all about living with purpose, dharma. I want everyone to know their soul’s calling and be love on legs in the world, but I also want them to be up to the totality that is spiritual living, the whole, not the parts that the majority of people do."

In this episode we chat about:

- Dharma: Creating harmony out of chaos
- How you can resolve conflict in your life
- A simple morning routine and how having one will uplift your life and vibration
- Coming back to your heart centre
- Spiritual leadership in a modern age
- And, so many more golden nuggets...

Find out more about Sally: www.sallythurley.com http://discover.spiritualpersonalityquiz.com/