Attract high paying clients by owning your speciality.

Why do most healers, natural therapists, and spiritual entrepreneurs not have a steady stream of high paying clients lining up to see them?

And, the ONE THING you can do this week to solve this problem.

I’ve got a very important question to ask you today;

….Have you got a steady stream of high paying clients lining up at your door to see you, to invest with you, to help them with transformation?

If not, I’d like you to continue reading for the next minute or two because it’s going to be game changing for you.

So, the big question I’m highlighting today – why do you as a healer, coach or spiritual entrepreneurs not have a steady or big line up of high paying clients waiting to see you?

The quick answer is because you are a generalist.

What most people have found in their spiritual or healing journey is that theycan help a lot of people at once.

This is wonderful, truly. As beings in the transformation industry – yes it is key and natural for us to wish to impact as many people as possible. However what you may be failing to do, in being a generalist, is lacking specificity and specialisation in lieu of being overly complicated, wishy-washy and wanting to be everything to everybody.

Now, most of you are effectively saying to your potential clients, “ If you’ve got a problem I can help you, it doesn’t matter what it is”. I want to help you leverage your transformation-based business and so let me be clear in advising you that being so vague is just not enticing to the marketplace.

The secret is that high paying clients want to know that you are a specialist at something.

And yes, we all have specialities.

Having a speciality means that you are able to go deeper into content and deeper into solving people’s problems. When you solve people’s problems, or you remove the frustration from their life, you are moving them closer to what they want right now and their aspirations.

In personal growth or coaching, we call it the Four Forces.

…Discover your niche’s frustrations and fears as these are the short and long-term implications of staying where they are. Then, there are their wants which are their short-term desires and their aspirations which are a little bit longer…(what do they see themselves doing, how do they see their lives unfolding?).

One thing you can do (and something I actually do with all my members of The Soul Business Academy) is to build a Signature Program using your intellectual property that is based on your life experiences, unique skills, gifts, and abilities. You mold and craft it in such a way to a specific niche that you can solve their problems and move them towards a transformation that is short, or long-term in nature whilst nurturing trust, rapport and a deep-seated need for the service you are offering.

If you are a generalist, you often tend to carry a little bit more fear, aligned with your services so you end up playing it safe. Operating with the belief that “I don’t want to narrow down to a niche because I can help a lot of people…and if I help a lot of people, my business is going to be busy, as there are a lot of people in the world”, will not make you successful.

When you have a signature program, with something specific laid out that is for the eyes, ears and souls of the people that you’re here to serve; based on your experiences from the past, major turning points in life and the 1.0 version of yourself as I like to call it, then you build an appreciation for your tribe and they do for you.

The connection and rapport you develop with your tribe is one that no one else can do as you’re sharing those vulnerable aspects of your past. The difficulties and frustrations that you have experienced, can help others overcome similar pain-points using the techniques, resources, and tools that you have acquired during your journey in order to do so.

Now, the number one thing that you can do to solve that wishy-washy problem today in being all things to all people, is to be known for one thing.

In one of the calls I held earlier this week with the members of The Soul Business Academy, I discussed the topic of “Self-Appointment”.

Self-Appointment is something which I’ll be diving deeper into in my upcoming posts, but it essentially speaks to not waiting for permission from other people before you can be great at what you do. Don’t wait for the market to give you permission to step out and to start sharing those tools, and resources and techniques that you have received through life experiences and potentially through certifications and other professional trainings’ as well.

Don’t wait for that.

…In choosing one thing it means picking a niche that;

* has a big problem

* a group that you would love to work with

* can actually pay or invest with you to help them transform.

A lot of healers, coaches, and spiritual entrepreneurs struggle with picking a niche because they quite simply, are afraid to reduce down their options.

Once again, the belief that “If I have more options, I have more irons in the fire, and if I have more irons in the fire, I have a greater opportunity to win and to be known or to help more people”, will not serve you in leveraging your 6-figure calling.

I would like to share with you with a free 5-step process that actually helped to launch me into this sphere as well. It’s my way of helping you pick up speed and momentum so that you can add $5-15k per month to your current business whilst adding more meaning and more freedom into your life.

Let’s be truthful if you haven’t got the money in the bank, if you haven’t got your business off the ground and you’re not seeing the results or the rewards for the business you want to run or are currently running, it’s because something’s broken. Quite possibly, it’s because you don’t have a very aligned niche, you don’t have a specific one-silver-bullet niche that you can serve and love and they can do the same with you.

And, you don’t have a process for doing that. Rather, you tend to offer the same types of advice and roundabout the same steps of practical know how or solutions for a vast range of people. If you boil it down,  you 90% of the time end up doing and offering the same solutions to different people, regardless of what they come to you for.

I would really love to hear from you if this message has resonated with you, and I’ll send a free copy of the 5-step Signature Launch Blueprint over to you. This will be particularly helpful if you feel that you have been wishy-washy up until this point (I know it’s a bit harsh, but true) but now you are ready to uplevel your business and be known for one thing which attracts a steady stream of high paying clients lining up at your door waiting to see you and to invest with you for your program.

So, think about that today; become a specialist. Don’t wait for permission from the marketplace and instead, become self-appointed in your expertise. Undergoing extra training to receive more certifications that you can display on your wall will not automatically help you become successful.

You need to choose a niche and choose one thing you want to be known for. Leverage the services you offer in a signature program that serves a niche specifically based on the experiences you’ve had and how you’ve chosen to overcome them.

Out from me.

I hope you have a magical day!

Travel light, bye for now.