Learn How to Connect with Your Higher Self So You Can Channel Divine Wisdom and Guidance from the Cosmos...Without Losing Your Personal Power and Sovereignty

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This Online Mini Masterclass will run for approximately 2.5 to 3 hours

You have been Led to this page for a very Specific Reason...

Both Your Higher Self and The Divine Cosmos Want to Connect With You !!

Ancient cultures across the world have been connecting and interacting with higher intelligence and dimensional beings  for thousands of years. From the earliest Sumerian writings, contact and communication with wisdom beyond this realm has been received  to help humankind reach higher states of consciousness and potential in addition to assisting in the evolution of civilisations upon the planet.

Fast track several thousand years to the present day...

Where you will find more people than ever before are awakening to higher states of consciousness, energy and wisdom...

And in doing so, are becoming interested in exploring alternative ways of connecting with higher wisdom to help guide and support them along their journey towards experiencing more meaning, fulfilment and abundance in their lives.

Are you one of these people?

If so, you are invited to attend my NEW MINI MASTERCLASS where I will personally walk you through age-old techniques to help you connect and strengthen contact with your higher self along with your own guides, mentors and family of light.


During this mini online intensive you will learn:

  • The true definition of channeling and how it differs from mediumship and other forms of communication in the psychic arena
  • How to safely and effectively connect with your Higher Self and Source Intelligence
  • How to prepare for channelling sessions + 3 PRIMERS you need in order to be a clear channel for higher consciousness
  • How to know when you are connecting with benevolent beings -- the physical signs and signals you will experience
  • The mental and emotional difference the between channelling your higher self and other benevolent dimensional beings
  • How to discern and confirm the accuracy of the information you receive and what to do with the information once you have received it
  • The #1 TECHNIQUE for shielding and maintaining your energetic field from potential distorting energies
  • The 3 fastest ways to record channelled information in order to preserve the highest level of accuracy and detail
  • PLUS, the 5 TOP TECHNIQUES I use to ground my energy after channelling wisdom and connecting with my family of light

What's included:

  • LIVE 3.5 hour Online Masterclass with Matthew Patti
  • Step-By-Step Guidance on how to connect with your higher self and benevolent beings of higher dimensions who are waiting to assist and support you on your life mission
  • Access to guided visualisations and meditations (.mp3) to help get you IN-tune and ready for your channelling experiences
  • Specially crafted workbook and 'Higher Wisdom' instruction guide
  • Complete access to all session recordings (post-intensive)
  • EXCLUSIVE INVITATION to our private online community - for additional support, guidance and sharing

    AND, OF COURSE >>  the opportunity to connect with and personally interact with your Higher Self and personal guides and family of light

For the one-time payment of: $97USD

Angelica Angelica

Meeting Matthew is a blessing in every possible way! His presence was there at the right time! Just weeks in to our seminars … he help me accept my divine gifts and I found my way to align with my higher self...

Matthew helped shape my vision and my purpose for helping others! I can't wait to see where we will go from here!

Stacey Stacey

I never believed my connection would expand to the extent it has. I feel a great honour to have been given this journey, my heart and mind have expanded and could never have even dreamt of the lessons the last 8 weeks have brought to my life.

I am now filled with excitement, clarity and certainty about my own spiritual path and all the beautiful things that await me now. Many blessings to you xx

Andrew Andrew

There was self-doubt within me that I wasn't even acknowledging. After speaking with Matt I experienced a shift in my energy, I faced my self-doubt and gained so much clarity around what it is that I'm here to do and Matt assisted in uncovering my natural abilities and talents.

I am now moving forward with confidence and clarity around myself and my mission. Highly recommend the work of Matt, his insights, guidance and clarity.

Mark Mark

Matthew has the most incredible insight, wisdom and maturity that has resulted in him becoming my "go to guy".

There are not many people I trust when sharing a vision, a business, a passion, that come from a place of the heart but my trust in Matt is implicit and the guidance and mentorship that he has given me has resulted in my business going next level both in finances and impact. Matt, I can't thank you enough.

Francesca Francesca

Working with Matthew has given me the spiritual tools and discussions I needed to realise and actualise the next steps in my life.

Matthew is a heart-felt, high vibration and relatable spiritual mentor who walks his talk. He has a gift in communicating and filling your soul to the brim with insights, inspiration and golden nuggets of wisdom.

Sally Sally

Matthew is such a stand for always remembering and coming from our highest self and the power that has, in any moment.

The skills and tools delivered in the classes are unwavering in constantly bringing us back to the same point of presence and allowing our gifts to gently flow. We therefore never have to lose our integrity with our soul or heart in the pursuit of what is our gift to the world.

Numbers are strictly limited! (20 max.)

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If you feel called to building a stronger, clearer connection with your Higher Self and this training feels aligned for you, I highly recommend you secure your spot as spaces will fill quickly.

About Matthew:

Matthew Patti is a global leader in consciousness, human excellence and spiritual growth.

A sought-after International Speaker, Spiritual Teacher and Mentor, he has spent more than two decades at the forefront of metaphysical healing, spirituality and leadership; sharing his wisdom with more than 40,000 ‘Seekers’ around the world over this time.

He loves teaching, inspiring and helping lead coaches, mentors, health professionals and spiritual-preneurs reach higher states of potential and actualise a more fulfilling journey as leaders in service of humanity.

Matthew Patti blends metaphysical principles with practical business know-how to supercharge and accelerate your abundance so that you can create more money, more meaning and more freedom in your life.