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Dr. John Demartini

A shared vision with one of my greatest teachers…

“Matt, the vision you have shared is precisely what this world needs right now; more leaders who are living embodiments of the Great Work. I have every confidence in this manifesting and I look forward to seeing the magic unfold in the lives of those you reach with this message and wisdom. “

Dr. John Demartini, Human Behavior Specialist, Educator, Business Consultant and Internationally Published Author
Julie Wintle

Before meeting and working with Matt, I had been in business for the best part of 15 years. During this time I had worked primarily in the business and felt I had taken my company as far as I could on my own.  We have a very loyal client base however, we weren’t growing as fast as I would have liked.

I had worked with several mentors before Matt and although I benefited from their wisdom and strategies, I felt deep down I wasn’t growing myself enough.  I was looking for the missing pieces to my puzzle and someone who had already travelled the path successfully. I didn’t want to wait another 12 months for results and so jump in with both feet.

Since working with Matt 4 years ago, we have experienced greater consistency in our month on month revenue, increases in the lifetime value of our clients, as well as, attracting higher calibre clients - who love our work and are wonderful referrers. We are in the best place financially

I look forward to my weekly strategy and insight calls with Matt because no matter what I am facing in the business (or personally), I always leave feeling clearer, more aware and control on my decisions and direction

Matt helped develop my team leadership and communication skills which made our company-wide systems upgrade a smoother process.

My spirituality is very important to me. Working with Matt has helped me gain a much deeper understanding of myself, my life vision and my fuller potential.  Simply stated, my business cashflow, supportive team, personal finances and lifestyle would not be where they are today if it weren’t for my time with Matt.

Wealth consciousness was a concept that always interested me however, I was yet to find someone I feel could help me understand and embody the principles behind it.  Matt taught me that wealth is a state of being. This concept initially felt quite foreign to me and yet, reflecting back over the past few years working with Matt I can see how far I have come and how much my health and financial abundance has grown.  I now feel a level of personal freedom, peace and certainty that felt almost unattainable a short time ago.

If you are looking for a mentor to guide, support and challenge you to new heights of discovery then, I highly recommend taking the leap to working with Matt.

Julie Wintle, CEO, Streamline Dictation
Dendra Cole

Matt has been instrumental in both my personal and company’s success with a conservative 350% return on investing in myself.   His highly intuitive insights, support and guidance helped me build a strong leadership team who mirror and amplify my passion and dedication to serving my self funded retiree clientele

I now feel crystal clear and supremely confident in my own ability to visualise my desired outcomes and articulate them to my team in a way that is both empowering and nurturing of them.

On an emotional level, Matt has been my rock over the last 3 years, helping me navigate some very challenging personal events which at times left me feeling incredibly stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted. His consistency, leadership and deep understanding of energy is remarkable; shifting me into greater alignment with my ultimate vision along with the stability, confidence and certainty I have long craved for.

In all the years I have worked, in both the corporate and private sectors, I am yet to come across another coach (and individual) like Matt, who encompasses so many aspects of mastery. My company and personal results are testament to this fact

To this day, Matt is my go-to-guy for all things vision, alignment and growth.

Dendra Cole, CEO, Impact Hearing
Mark Bowness

“Matthew has the most incredible insight, wisdom and maturity that has resulted in him becoming my “go to guy.

There are not many people I trust when sharing a vision, a business, a passion, that come from a place of the heart but my trust in Matt is implicit and the guidance and mentorship that he has given me has resulted in my business going next level both in finances and impact. Matt, I can’t thank you enough.”

Mark Bowness, CEO, Tribe Builder
Jutta Klipsch

"I have gained so much confidence and clarity for my personal and business life working with Matthew. 

It has really opened my eyes to unlimited possibilities for my life. I have gained the courage in believing in myself, and not fearing putting my ideas into action.

I thank Matthew from the bottom of my heart for being the mentor and leader he is, and pushing me gently to shine my light and live my potential... and, for assisting me to spread my unique message, and to make a difference to my fellow beings. If you feel overwhelmed, unclear, lost, stuck – Matthew IS the guy! The value he gives is priceless!"

Jutta Klipsch, Jutta Klipsch Coaching
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Chief Alchemist and "The Rain Maker"

"You know that feeling…  When everything feels super synchronous, well defined and in-flow?  Any friction or resistance has fallen away and been upgraded by alignment, continuity and ease.  Turn your passion for growth into Undeniable Results" ~ Matthew Patti

About Matthew:

Matthew Patti is the founder of Innerversal Academy™ and creator of the renowned Zero Limits: Shape Your Best Life™ program.

Admired among his peers as a visionary, futurist, modern mystic and global leader in conscious business growth, Matthew has built multiple successful companies over the past two decades applying his unique blend and understanding of metaphysical principles with business strategy to help Transformational Leaders, Conscious Business Owners and Holistic Practitioners scale their business and consciousness.

You can learn more about Matthew's work by visiting him at or finding him on Facebook or Linked In.