Do you take action only when others approve?

In order to become successful as a healer, coach, natural therapist or spiritual entrepreneur, you will need to overcome the longing to receive permission from others, in favour of appointing yourself as an expert and leader in your niche.

When you wait for permission from others to tell you, you’re great, this worked, and so on…you end up serving a lot of different people, all at different times. It is actually a killer of result and businesses because we externalise everything and as a result, never build any traction.

When we self appoint, there’s an immediate shift of awareness and of your positioning in the marketplace. It puts you in front of higher paying clients because they want what you’ve got and they recognise you as the go to person in that niche.

One of my earlier mentors in marketing taught me the concept of serving an  inch-wide, mile-deep niche. “Don’t try to cover all bases” he said. This is something I strongly believe in and so you’ll notice me say this a lot. In fact, the most successful businesses belong to an inch-wide, mile-deep niche – they know the Four Forces; the fears, frustrations, wants and aspirations of their chosen market and so they are able to appoint themselves as the go to leader, expert and teacher in that field.

I’m interested to hear from you, are you trapped in permission, waiting to shine or are you moving across to self appointment? Perhaps, you already are in self-appointment.

Let me give you an example of what self-appointment looks like. It basically says, “ I know the game of soul business…I know metaphysics and I know business. I’ve built multiple 6 -7 figure businesses before and I know the game well, so if you want to grow your business in spirituality and you want to hit 6-7 figures in your business then I am the person you need to speak to”.

Then, you start to address the particular fear and frustrations of the particular market that is looking for a mentor, looking for a step-by-step approach or a proven method that has demonstrable and tracked results as well as the guidance and intelligence that can support them.

As they say, “When you’re all things to all people, you are a master of none”.

So this week, I challenge you to move from seeking permission (a fear-driven, victim-based mentality) that is stunting and stalling your growth as a spiritual entrepreneur or business leader. When you step out of that fear and self appoint you’ll find yourself inside the 1% that actually steps up and forwards to own the gifts and the mission you have been given. Surprise not, what will occur will be far faster results and a stronger, deeper and loyal tribe that wants what you’ve got and is hot and ready to get it from you.

So let’s recap on the three steps;

  1. Choose to appoint the self as the expert, the specialist, the go-to-person in your field.
  2. Align your daily written and verbal language (via posts, blogs, Facebook Lives) with that niche or speciality.For example, when introducing yourself in a post include who you are, who you help and in what way. (A personal example; I am Matthew Patti, Creator of The Soul Business Academy and the Soul Business Bootcamp: 1 Day Intensive. I help healers, coaches and spiritual entrepreneurs trapped in the broken energy-zapping, time consuming one-to-one model, make more money, live with more meaning and experience more freedom in their lives.
  3. Create a signature package or program that helps your specific niche to achieve the results and transformation that you want to be known for in the marketplace.