Doing the innerwork as an entrepreneur allows you to break through from mediocrity.

As entrepreneurs, we have this vision of what we want to see and create in this world. But, quite often we spend time extending ourselves into a reality that is outside of us, neglecting the inner planes. The inner planes require our energy too – whether it’s through spending time in silence away from technology and the chitter-chatter monkey-mind, meditating, developing mindfulness habits, or creating space for visualisation.

The mediocrity within the entrepreneurial world that I see is that we tend to engage our thought at the level of the problem, not at the level of solution. Many of us are afraid to spend time with ourselves in silence, and lack the patience to work out the next level of detail within the vision. Only, it’s hard to create solutions from a cluttered, busy mind, and so one way to open ourselves up to opportunity, and precise clarity of thought is by setting aside moments each day for doing the ‘inner work’.

Often, we are aware of the big rocks and maybe some of the pebbles that make up our bucket – but, in enrolling ourselves into the momentum of the “hustle and grind” mentality, fail to include the sand. The sand is the detail within the larger vision, and the details are propelled from your internal energy.

Try the reverse on for 30 days to explore the ‘wants’, ‘whys’ and ‘desires’ of your vision.

The call here is to invite yourself back inside, allowing you to quieten the movement of the body and activate the growth and expansion of your mind.

How can you do that?

Remove yourself from technology and simply sit for 5 minutes (once in the morning and once at night) and not do a single thing with your body.

This will alter your brain wave state from high beta busyness to alpha waves where you are more receptive to intuition, and encouraging of opportunities to show up on your radar.

As you sit, or lie – direct your attention away from your current reality and towards your visions’ potential. Imagine the vision you want to create with eyes closed.

Commit to this practice for 30 days. It will help you shift away from entrepreneurial mediocrity to entrepreneurial illumination.

The greatest movement of energy comes from within first.