How to overcome the fear of results in your spiritual business.

I’ve had a number of great calls this morning with current Soul Business Academy members and new peeps and one particular theme in particular keeps surfacing – allow me to share with you, as it will certainly help shift your perspective.

So, there’s a number of reasons why so many coaches, spiritual entrepreneurs, and healers fail to build and grow abundant businesses. I’m going to touch on just one of them…

Before I continue, I must highlight that when fear in business caves in, it stifles your dreams.

It’s indeed a thief that steals the dreams from your reality…and how do we fear?…well, many of you may be in a perpetual state of fear in anticipation for what the future holds. Alternatively, you may fear the past…Though the fear I’m referring to today that I have been observing in the field right recently is a fear of the present – and it is holding many of you back from taking action that serves you, and is aligned with your soul calling, now.

You may have heard in the personal growth industry the psychosomatics around, if you live in the past – in grief or shame, with the constant thought that “ I could’ve done things better”, you are effectively living in a state of depression which clamps your activity.

Conversely, if you are living in the future, you are continually weighing up future potentialities, “What will happen, will it work for me or, won’t it work for me?” and so on…This is not any better than living in the past, as this unquestionably breeds anxiety and is where you need to engage higher levels of trust.

Now, how does a fear of the present relate to failing to grow and build an abundant business in the healing, coaching and spiritual movement industry? Imagine the present moment to be a window. A window into an opportunity, and thus when we fear it, we are actually apprehensive of the opportunity to act now in alignment with our goals, because we are bringing the past into what we are doing or should be doing, and what may work based on a past experience.

We also cast doubt on whether the future is going to occur now and whether the action we take, the clients we speak with, or the way we position ourselves in the market is going to work at all.

The biggest failure of spiritual business owners is the fact that they do not act in the now as a result of fear!

So, I’d like you to think about this one question, or statement that you can ask yourself ..and that is..what can you do today to bring you closer to your desires?

…Seriously, ask yourself now;

What actionable steps can you (and will you) do today that will bring you closer to the results that you seek in your business?…if that goal is getting two new clients a week, starting that business, building that tribe, whatever it may be…even, sacking a client that’s not working for you anymore that’s no longer aligned or leaving a job that doesn’t serve you anymore in favour of what you are currently here to do..

It is time to withdraw from the fear of the present moment as it is not serving you. The present, which is a window into an opportunity, holds a lot of power. Stop trying to both, bring the past into making current decisions, and projecting yourself so far forward into the future that it overwhelms you, brings you anxiety and ultimately stops you dead in your tracks and steals the dreams from your experiences.

What I’d love for you to do right now, is to comment (below) the one thing you can do today to bring you closer to your desired result…Something you promise you and I both, to commit to.


Now, I’d like you to imagine a fence with wooden slats.These wooden slats appear as metaphors for the imprisonment of the mind, or they can even serve as a metaphor for a fence that you need to hurdle. When we are living in the past we are actually denying ourselves of the reality that we can birth right now. We are preventing our advancement. Keeping ourselves restrained by the fence that is our thoughts/our fears. Similarly, when we are living in the future we bring greater anxiety to our plans so we find that nothing actually happens – that’s where procrastination occurs.

…I bet you too have noticed this in your everyday life, that when we start to write lists, upon lists, of things to do we actually seem to get less to nothing done…can you relate?

This is a result of casting ourselves too far into the future, creating a greater expectation than we can handle.

Being fearful of the present shows up as those doubtful thoughts such as, “What IF…what if I’m not good enough, no one shows up, or I put a post out there and no one responds?” This fear-driven thinking makes it about the world and your levels of activity and service that you put out become permission based.

Permission-based vs Self-Appointment is another topic altogether, and certainly, one that I’ll expand on, in my upcoming posts.

…There is an enormous amount of power in the present. In fact, as an entrepreneur, it is the only place to be. Take one day at a time, one action at a time, one leap of faith at a time, and observe as compounding growth occurs in your business, as well as, in your personal life.

So, allow me to ask you again;

What action will bring you closer to the result you want to experience today?


As always –

Travel Light,

Matthew Patti.


P.s I’ll be posting a lot more, and so if you have a topic that you’d like me to cover then please do let me know.

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