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Matthew Patti presents @ 2018 Paradigm Shift Summit.

It was mid December, 2012 when the event occurred. After 3 days of intense presence, and in what seemed like a blink of an eye, the veil to Matthew’s higher consciousness lifted as he experienced an expanded state well outside anything he had previously encountered in his 25 years in health, metaphysics and personal transformation as a degree qualified physiologist.

The vision, insights and information Matthew received in this expanded state were crystal clear. One Moment. One Message. One Mission

In this moment he heard a very moving and inspirational message: To lead the light. To lead the way. To grow leaders; not followers. To help people activate their potential and awaken to higher states of consciousness.

On the latest episode of "Unleash Your Inspired Voice" host, Peter Clark Nelson is joined by Matthew Patti, who is a global leader in the field of consciousness and human potential.

Sharing profound insights on ways to activate next wave leaders, way-showers, guides, and stewards of the New Earth within their community, in this episode Matthew provides a practical framework for New Earth Abundance. He and Peter will explore what this means for you to reach a higher state of potential and how you can actualize a more fulfilling journey as a conscious leader.

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