Lack is the result of broken FOCUS

There’s a strong correlation between where we experience lack, or undesirable results in our lives, and where our focus lies.

Think about any area of your life, both personal and professional. And, take a moment to notice where you feel you are experiencing “lack”.

Often our focus dwindles when we sign ourselves up for a multitude of responsibilities…spreading our focus thinly with too many tasks on our plate at one time. And, other times we simply lack the clarity required for us to be the most productive.

Do you recognise yourself in either of those scenarios right now?

If so, there are 3 “focus hacks” I’d like to encourage you to test out this week, enabling you to to clarify your focus, increase your results and improve your time efficiency in getting tasks, goals, or projects completed.

  1. Get an accountability Partner

Who in your life, circle, or extended network, do you know who is doing something very similar to you and is vibrating at a level that you admire and feel inspired by?

Once you’ve got a list, go through it, considering who would be best suited.

When considering someone suitable for this type of relationship, you’ll want to ensure that you pick someone who is supportive, reliable and trustworthy. Not – someone who faces and complains about the same daily struggles as you.

This is a mutual relationship that you both agree to where you may schedule regular check-in’s with each other, to discuss and track your goals, progress and results.

Most importantly, they will act as your pillar of strength, motivating you during times that you feel uninspired to continue on with your project, or simply have a block. Many people find that simply knowing they will have to report their past week or month of progress to an accountability buddy is enough to get them to complete tasks on time, to avoid having nothing to share during their next check-in.

  1. Set aside chunks of time for getting stuff done!

A regular and minute specific block of time that is unbreakable, unchangeable and dedicated solely for the purpose of working on your project.

E.G “Every Tuesday at 06:30, I will spend 45 minutes completing tasks A,B,C towards project/goal X”.

…If you’re not used to completing tasks in any given time period, create shorter time frames, of 15 minutes.

In Fact, the pomodoro method is quite a popular productivity tool, and was created off the basis that a task is completed within the time in which it is allocated. For example – if you have a time pressure of 15 minutes to get out of the door, or head to a meeting, you will do everything you can to finish off.

Your focus becomes monomaniacal and you’ll find a way to get it done in those 15 minutes. Kicking procrastination out of the window.

3. Lastly,

Acknowledge your daily wins.

Whether you are one keen for facebook lives and posting on social media, or you belong to a niche-specific group, sharing your wins with others builds a resonant frequency in your body and tone that is connected to confidence and boosts clarity.

By increasing neural chemical pathways and the peptides that are released in your body, you experience that “feel good” sensation of having completed something you said you were going to do.

Nothing else quite boosts self-confidence like ticking off your daily goals!


What tools do you use to improve productivity?