Lead Magnet Builder 1.0

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In this session you will learn how to unpack and create a compelling 'Hook' or 'Lead Magnet' to attract new prospects into your funnel via a landing page giveaway or, in person (hardcopy) gift in exchange for your prospects' details.


  • LEAD MAGNET BUILDER 1.0 Template
    LEAD MAGNET BUILDER 1.0 Template

    Click here to download the template for this session. 'Right Click' on the link above and save to your desktop (or, preferred folder) before watching this lesson.

[ Key Tasks ] for this week:

  • 1

    Key Task:

    Watch the entire lesson - stopping and starting as you need in order to complete your first draft 'Lead Magnet ' name

  • 2

    Key Task:

    Post the following items into the SBA Facebook Group for review:
    1. Your lead magnet name
    2. A description of what it will do for your prospects
    3. The benefits your prospects will receive as a result of taking action from your magnet
    4. A metaphor (it's like...) describing what life/ the situation is like when your prospect have taken action and implemented your magnet