067: Wired for Success Compilation


What you are about to listen to are excerpts from a one-day live intensive that I gave throughout Canada and the United States over a year ago. It’s called the Wired for Success Masterclass.  Lean in and lean out of your preferred state of your reality, taking in any and all bits of information to…

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066: Decisions Create Destiny


When was the last time you really decided what you wanted and went for it?  Can you be aware of what you decide upon? Can you decide on a greater level of intentionality? Can you be more intentional with your decision-making process? The answer to these questions is a resounding YES. In this episode, we…

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065:The Science of Income Doubling Part 2


Income doubling creates life-changing events.  In this episode, we continue from part 1 of the Science of Income Doubling. We delve into where most people stay and what keeps them stuck, when they don’t understand the science of income doubling. I share with you how you can follow your heart, step into your genius, and…

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064:The Science of Income Doubling Part 1


If you doubled your monthly income in the next 90 days, what would that mean for you? And what are you going to do to celebrate?  In this episode, we are going to delve into how you can reframe the inner conversations you have about money and gain a different perspective on how easy it…

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063: The Inspiration Collection

Sometimes we just need a little bit of inspiration.  In this episode, we are going through a number of excerpts from presentations I’ve done around the world to help ignite passion and inspiration today – to lean in and to open yourself to greater potentials and to the possibilities that always exist, to help you…

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062: The $30MIL Conscious Upgrade


Sometimes we are faced with critical situations in our life, whether that’s in our business, finances, health, or our personal direction and purpose.  When this happens, we sit with the big question: “What is truly possible for me so that I can give the energy that’s needed in order for it to become real and…

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