010: Beliefs

The body of beliefs is the electromagnetic signature you broadcast from the body 24/7, 365 days a year. Beliefs strongly help you curate and navigate your reality. A great portion of your thoughts, actions, and feelings are led by your beliefs.  

So, limiting beliefs can trap you in duality and the polarizing aspect of your conscious mind. If you continue to believe in things that do not help you achieve your goals, then you may never reach them at all.

If “alignment” is an arrow, then “belief” is the strong arm that pulls back the string of the bow. If you continuously upgrade your beliefs into more positive ones then you will train your arm to be stronger and you will release your aligned arrow with greater accuracy and frequency.

In this episode, we break down the door on limiting beliefs so you can build your confidence in your decision to release your arrow of intention towards your target. 



  • What is “belief”? 1:09
  • How do you define what your beliefs are? 3:17
  • Go deeper into beliefs by going into the body 4:15
  • Beliefs are in the subconscious 6:13
  • There is no limiting belief, there are only beliefs 6:44
  • Belief is the strong arm that pulls back the string of the bow that releases the arrow of alignment 8:21
  • An entrepreneur is like an athlete who trains the body and the mind 9:18
  • To get the desired result, what must you believe about yourself and the world to be true? 10:55
  • Change your alignment to love yourself more 13:30
  • What is the evidence in my past that would show itself to be real when I do love myself? 13:56
  • To hit the target, repeatedly reverse engineer your body and mind 15:56
  • Look to your future and bring it to the now to upgrade your beliefs 17:39