014: PhD of Success

Each and every one of us is a doctor of philosophy. It may look different for each person but every single one of us has a Ph.D. in success.  In order to think, act, and feel differently, and in order to make new decisions that are aligned with your preferred reality, then it is worthy of you to reflect upon yourself as already having acquired the wisdom assigned with a Ph.D. 


In this episode, we delve into the reason behind why each one of us has a Ph.D. in life and a Ph.D. in success. Your Ph.D. is a wisdom encoded formula. You have spent an enormous amount of time, energy, thoughts, and feelings towards a specific outcome. 


So make the decision to focus your attention on creating new preferred experiences in any and all areas of your life by way of working through your transformational journey.  Find your balance point and live beyond the polarized norm where everything is possible because it is. 



  • Matter reduces to energy (2:04) 
  • Failure vs success (2:38)
  • Every single one of us has a Ph.D. of Success (3:18)
  • Preferred and non-preferred (3:58)
  • For each experience, there is a counterpoint experience (4:38)
  • Perspective and perception (5:12)
  • Think, act, and feel differently (7:38)
  • You have a Ph.D. (8:37)
  • What is a Ph.D.? (9:05)
  • You are not a polarized individual (9:43)
  • Hang that accolade in your metaphysical wall (10:40)
  • Where do our determining preferences come from? (12:58)
  • Depolarize what you see as failure or success (13:40)
  • Rising above the polarizing experience of failure and success (13:59)
  • Nothing is what it seems and everything is possible (14:06)
  • The higher perspective (15:04)
  • The key to shifting your Ph.D. powers (15:15)
  • Getting clear on what you wish to desire (15:36)
  • The key is to focus (16:27)
  • Saying no really means yes (17:11)
  • Applying your focus towards your preferred outcome (19:02)
  • Certification is based on merit (19:23)
  • Giving yourself permission to change perspectives (21:13)
  • The long-term planner and long-term quantum explorer (21:28)
  • Find your balance point (22:04)