017: Four Realms of Consciousness

In this episode, we dive into the four realms of consciousness; The Patty Pyramid. These four realms of consciousness determine how to shape your preferred life in accordance with your preferred experiences.

The fourth realm or the base of the pyramid, states unconsciously that life happens to me. It is a victim-based consciousness where you are observing everything outside of you as being fixed in time. The bandwidth of potential is very low in this realm. 

In the third realm, you have a higher vibration, which is appreciation. You see that life happens for you. But in this realm, there is a trap where the unconscious mind does not believe that it is the creator of your own life. You can stay fixed here and believe that life happens for you and that you still have no control over your reality. 

In the next realm, you believe that life happens by you. You believe that you are the creator and captain of your own reality. Everything you see outside of you is the sum total of your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Here, you don’t wait for permission to go for what you want. You are more accountable and taking more responsibility.

In the highest realm, you believe that life happens through you. You move from the world of objects and things and ascend to the fifth dimension. This is the point of mastery. You understand that what’s required of you and what you require in order to fulfill your desires is all available to you right now. 

Whatever realm you find yourself in, remember not to judge yourself for moving up and down the realms. All of these experiences are essential and can give you feedback. The key here is self-awareness. 


  • The Patty Pyramid (2:01)
  • 4th Realm: Life happens to me (2:43)
  • Reactive to your external world (5:05)
  • Living in hope (5:25)
  • 3rd Realm: Life happens for me (8:09)
  • Believing that you don’t have control over your life (10:20)
  • What can you give to the field so it is returned to you multiplied (11:12)
  • 2nd Realm: Life happens by me (11:36)
  • Choosing which experiences to give energy to (13:15)
  • Trusting yourself (14:40)
  • Your state of being is the causative power of your external results (14:42)
  • 1st Realm: Life happens through me (15:33)
  • Time is irrelevant (16:42)
  • Being open to the influence of the quantum field (17:22)
  • Being trapped in the known (17:37)
  • The fifth dimension operates now (18:16)
  • Life is very dynamic (18:48)