019: Subconscious Blocks

The meaning of “subconscious blocks” include words like fears or subconscious barriers. These fears may be rational or irrational, but these subconscious blocks to success and love can hinder your path as an entrepreneur. 

If you can’t see them, then how can you eliminate these subconscious blocks? 

One way to find them is to look at your external reality, which is the sum of all thoughts, actions and feelings up to this point. Do you ever find yourself thinking that you have found proof that you’re unlucky in love or not successful in business? That’s your external reality manifesting from your subconscious.

Clearing subconscious blocks can be difficult unless you reframe your subconscious mind. How do you do that?

In this episode, I dig deep into the topic of subconscious blocks, its definition, examples, and tips on how to transcend your particular fears. In particular, I discuss four of the 22 subconscious blocks and share ways on how to eliminate these fears and transmute them into more positive pursuits. 


  • “Subconscious blocks” meaning (1:37)
  • What are they and how can I transcend them if I can’t find them? (2:52)
  • To find subconscious blocks, look at your external reality (3:23)
  • A key to reframing your subconscious (7:16)
  • Rational versus irrational subconscious blocks (7:32)
  • 22 subconscious blocks to success (9:47)
  • Fear of standing out (10:55)
  • Fear of failure (12:00)
  • Fear of the unknown (12:57)
  • Find proof of one of your blocks to find a positive counterpoint in your awareness or environment (16:17)
  • The third dimension is polarising (17:26)
  • Part of our evolution is to move from the animalistic mind to the angelic mind (18:39)
  • Fear you will not be liked or loved (19:53)
  • You can change everything about yourself, including transmuting your fears into more conscious, creative pursuits (22:27)