002: Wired for Success

Success. It’s what so many of us are working towards. But what does success mean for you? Is it building your own business? Is it being able to travel more? Or is it having more free time to spend with your loved ones? Success means different things for each individual. 

Human beings are experience-seeking beings. By first understanding what you want to experience and what success is for you, then you get a clearer picture of what to direct your energy and attention towards. 

In this episode, we deep dive into strategies on how to wire yourself – neurologically, biologically, and energetically, to get the results you want in your business and in your life.

To experience a future reality, we must bring it in the now. If you can see it in your mind,  and feel it in your body, then it exists as a potential reality.

Pay attention to your thoughts. If imagination creates reality, then anything you see outside of you can change and be changed as a result of upgrading your imagination.


  • Defining what success means for you (00:48)
  • Wiring yourself for experiences (6:28)
  • The two sides of the coin (7:41)
  • The seismic disruption that occurs inside our mental framing (9:27)
  • Adding the word “and”  to move to a higher state of awareness (9:40)
  • What is meant by “wired” (10:05)
  • You cannot experience a future reality that you are not wired for (10:51)
  • Wire yourself to your preferred experiences by defining the experience first (11:53)
  • You can have the most awakened life based on your preferences (15:53)
  • Your past does not dictate your future (16:47)
  • Wiring for success is all about you (18:18)