020: Escape Velocity

Gravity, mass, speed, atmosphere, rockets—these are just some of the analogies that come to mind when we talk about escape velocity. Yet, an escape velocity formula can be applied to your business and daily life.

People tend to focus on the world of matter so we bounce within a vicious cycle of atmospheres or bandwidths of revenue, old clients, delaying action, small-mind thinking or risk aversion. Is this how you feel right now? Or, are at the point of relief where you breathe in the atmosphere of your current level? Ask yourself, how long can you stay in that state of relief? What do you do when the next wave comes and you don’t have enough fuel for your rockets?

In this episode, I share the three stages of manifesting your thoughts into action and on how you can use escape velocity to do this. With this method, you can free yourself from fear and move to relief and synchronicity. 


  • View the world through a broader lens to find new opportunities (02:41)
  • Whatever you can think of exists in the quantum field as a potential (03:16)
  • Visualisation can lead to action in the world (03:51)
  • Three stages from visualisation to action (05:08)
  • All things unite and collapse into one form when you focus on a specific end (08:32)
  • Escape velocity formula applied to daily actions (08:57)
  • Escape the atmosphere of life’s levels by focusing on the realised outcome (09:49)
  • A vicious cycle of shallow octaves of business experiences (11:08)
  • Escape velocity is about being very clear about visualisation, using the power of feeling, and moving it to the world (13:24)
  • Escape velocity can help you to power your engines from survival to relief, freedom and synchronicity (13:48)
  • Stabilise and celebrate each level’s achievement before going to the next one (15:38)
  • Take a breath, say “I have arrived” and observe the current aspects of your business and life (20:11)
  • You are free to choose the direction of your escape velocity ship (21:43)