021: Super Timelines

We get caught up in believing that we are fixed in this material body, operating in a linear material world. Life is a choose your own adventure game and you are an infinite being within an infinite universe.

In this episode, we deep dive into creating your own super timeline to upgrade your life and your business and fast-track your results. We delve into jumping timelines in order to achieve your desired end by changing the vibration that you are currently operating within.

Your imagination is the most powerful quality that you have as a human being. Investing in your imagination helps you choose your own adventure in life. So train your imagination, find your riches and think of timelines not as therapy, but as an opportunity. 


  • Choose your own adventure (3:25)
  • Timelines (4:45)
  • You are an infinite being within an infinite universe (5:39)
  • We live in multiple timelines (6:11)
  • The subconscious mind, conscious mind, superconscious mind (6:55)
  • Jumping timelines (7:04)
  • Experiencing your future reality (7:36)
  • The new now moment (8:00)
  • Timeline jump (8:09)
  • Being clear on what you want (9:08)
  • You are light traveling through space (9:26)
  • Choosing where you spend your energy (9:37)
  • Investing in new thoughts and actions aligned with our preferred end (10:09)
  • Upgrading your operating system (10:05)
  • Your new point A is your point B (10:59)
  • The past, future and now, all co-exist (11:20)
  • Infinite potential in the field mean infinite timelines (12:24)
  • Creating a new timeline (12:53)
  • Law of Thermodynamics (13:36)
  • Super timeline (14:02)
  • Timelines are accessible to every single person (15:33)
  • You are the product of what you can conceive (15:45)
  • Cultivating your imagination (17:00)
  • How far can you stretch your imagination? (18:00)
  • Our infinite identities (19:00)
  • Everything is intelligent because everything has energy (20:24)