022: Angelic Results

Exhaustion is one of the commonly cited problems for those running their own business. With so much demand on your time and energy, it’s easy to feel overworked. This is why it’s critical to keep an eye on your energy levels. There are some days where you feel like you are super productive while other days you are going at a snail’s pace. 

There’s a reason why there is a finite ceiling and floor in your business and life. It’s because you do not operate at infinity speed. This means that your operating system is baked in the slow tray of the material world. 

In this episode, we delve into how you can operate at infinity speed to create angelic results. This can be done by creating a practice of gratitude, mindfulness, meditation and committing to 1-3 actions per day.

Through these steps, you can operate at infinity speed, create angelic results and live a life of infinite potential.


  • Operation at infinity speed (02: 51)
  • Operating in a linear timeline (3:21)
  • Becoming climatized to the atmosphere of the 3rd Dimension (5:05)
  • Operating in the state of fear and survival (5:42)
  • Operating at a denser rate (7:05)
  • Vortex Spin (8:13)
  • Angelic Standard (8:24)
  • The world of polarity (8:33)
  • Observing polarity (9:09)
  • Raising your vibration (9:50)
  • Uniting the polarity (10:29)
  • The quantum game is the game of mastery (11:12)
  • The apex of the triangle observes polarity (11:29)
  • One thing cannot exist without its counterpoint (11:47)
  • Correcting event to bring about balance (12:50)
  • Infinity speed is experienced in the now (12:19)
  • Accepting both in the angelic mind (14:28)
  • The student is always the teacher and the teacher is always the student (12:26)
  • The magnetization of self (15:55)
  • Infinite capacity to observe potentials (16:40)
  • Gratitude and meditation helps increase your infinity speed (17:24)
  • Commit to 1-3 actions per day (18:25)
  • Less is more (18:14)