025: Bending Reality 2

In the first episode of bending reality, we spoke about fixing all your non-preferred experiences before you allow yourself to actually experience your new reality ahead of time and how this is a problem. 

In this episode, we springboard off of the first episode of bending reality and dive deeper into how you can bend reality through the 3 R’s – reviewing your day, re-writing your past, and rehearsing it. Through these 3 steps, you can have your consciousness work for you in attracting your desired end faster than ever before. 

The 3 R’s help you create an upgraded experience and an upgraded awareness the next time you come face to face with a similar unpreferred event. By repeating this process, you build momentum and confidence to attract your desired outcome. 

By choosing to bend the perceived experience of the so-called past through the power of your mind, you are using your mind to move into the 5th dimension. 

So, in order to bend reality on another level, instead of looking forward, start to look back.  


  • Fixing all the non-preferred experiences (2:33)
  • Point A: Looking towards the future (3:00)
  • Bending reality on another level (3:30)
  • The concepts of past, present, and future (3:30)
  • The generous, abundant, present moment (4:05)
  • Bending reality using linear laws (4:42)
  • Transcend the linear model (5:45)
  • Your environment is everything (6:30)
  • Projecting yourself into the past (6:40)
  • Spacetime (6:57)
  • 5th dimension: Time space (7:40)
  • Your concept of the past changes in the 5th dimension (8:11)
  • Re-writing the electromagnetic signature of past events (8:20)
  • Morning and evening routines: The 3 R’s (10:025)
  • Review your day (10:36)
  • Traveling back in time and observing the past (12:00)
  • Revising and re-writing your past (12:17)
  • Rehearsing the upgraded version (13:49)
  • Recreating your observation of the past (14:19)
  • Building a new bridge of incidence (16:23)
  • Freeing yourself to experience new realities (18:48)