You are not your identity. 

Your identity is a mask. That mask that you wear performs a role. That role drives behaviour and that behaviour creates your results. 

Ask yourself, what behavior do you have in life or in your business? If you are thinking and feeling this way in your business, what behaviour is shown because of that? 

In this episode, we delve into how you can move the needle on shifting realities faster than ever before by upgrading your identity. We clear up some of the thinking of our identity that we are fixed and trapped in time in the same identity therefore destined to experience the same results.

If you want to change your reality, you have to change your personality to change your personal reality. Your personality is the sum total of how you think, act, and feel as habit, day in and day out. Therefore, to upgrade your reality, you have to observe what identity you are wearing. 

Behaviour is not just action. It is how you act, think and feel. The state of being is the sum total of your thoughts, acts and feelings, which is your personality. You can change your personality by aligning your thoughts and feelings in the now moment.


  • We are not a fixed linear identity (2:50)
  • Identity drives behavior (3:29)
  • We have many identities (4:37)
  • What identity do you hold each day? (5:00)
  • De-personalize your attachment to identity (5:15)
  • Upgrade areas of your life by upgrading your identity (6:05)
  • What identity do you relate with? (7:05)
  • Why entrepreneurs quit just before they are about to win (11:49)
  • We can upgrade our brains (12:25)
  • What is the end result that you want for your business? (12:52)
  • Modelling and emulating mastery (13:22)
  • Learning through proven track records of others (13:50)
  • What is your identity in that successful environment? (14:20)
  • Moving your preferred identity in your behavior and action (15:09)
  • Wiring your brain to the desired end (15:44)
  • Tuning yourself to the frequency of your new identity (17:50)
  • You are not your identity (18:00)
  • Enrol yourself in your preferred identity into the future that exists right now (19:05)
  • Conscious mind is short term. Subconscious mind is long term (20:09)
  • Rinse and repeat 8 times (21:07)