030: Quantum Highways

Imagine you’re travelling the highways and byways of a city. Now picture a five-lane highway. Each of the lanes represents a different project, idea or outcome that you want to experience in your business. 

The subject of quantum highways involves staying on a lane and focusing on it so you achieve your desired outcome. You may have heard from other performance or business lessons that to have clarity, you need to stay in your lane. This means not getting distracted by the opinions of others, the shiny object syndrome, self-limiting beliefs, or the imposter syndrome.

In this episode I dive deep into quantum highways and how to focus with laser-like precision so you achieve results faster than ever before in both your business and personal life. 


  • What are quantum highways? (01:54)
  • Defrag your mind and break down ideas into single lanes (04:16)
  • Go to the end of each lane and picture the result you want to create (05:13)
  • A result has two parts (06:03)
  • An event is a precursor to an experience (07:26)
  • What is the quantum aspect of the experience? (09:31)
  • Reverse engineer the end (10:24)
  • What you desire is not a waiting game (11:03)
  • Each lane has different requirements (12:05)
  • Don’t change lanes until it’s completed, don’t multitask (13:18)
  • If you practice quantum highways, the experiences that you seek and your future self will find you (16:27)
  • Morning and evening routines are important to operate in the now (19:17)