032: Understanding The 3rd And 5th Dimensions

The 3rd dimension is a very limited circuit. It is the world of the known.

When we are trapped in the 3rd dimension, then it is very easy to get trapped in the survival brain and the whole emphasis in survival is to win. We are trapped by thinking that one has more and one has less. There is a very limited view on your capacity to earn, grow, and tap into your full potential because you are waiting to see it to believe it. 

In this episode, we delve into how you can escape the 3rd dimension and embrace the 5th dimension and how money and results relate to these realms so that you can empower yourself and master the realms of your choosing.

The 5th dimension is now. You are moving through time in an infinite space which means there are infinite opportunities. There is no past or future. There is only now. There is no competition in the 5th dimension. 

If it were an emotion, the 5th dimension would be love. You are not looking through a reduced lens, but in appreciation that there is a force at work that is working with you called the quantum field. 

When you can move beyond the limited construct of the 3rd dimension, the 5th dimension breaks you free from materialism.

Change what you want by focusing on what you prefer and enrol your body in a new operating system that is limitless.


  • Everything exists simultaneously (3:43)
  • 3rd dimension (4:06)
  • Law of the 3rd dimension (04:50)
  • Materialism in the 3rd dimension (5:05)
  • Effort and exchange in the world of matter (5:39)
  • The 3rd dimension is limited (5:56)
  • The material universe (6:28)
  • Information is laced with truth and untruth (5:44)
  • Wake up as a human and go to sleep as a human (7:45)
  • The 4th dimension is time (8:40)
  • 3rd and 4th dimension says that time and spaces are limited (9:25)
  • The 3rd dimension is the world of the known (9:40)
  • Subscribing to time makes you feel the weight of time (13:30)
  • Subscribing to the erosion of opportunity (13:42)
  • Density of the 3rd dimension (14:10)
  • Polarity teaches us the having or having-not of something (14:17)
  • 3rd dimension living can keep us trapped (14:40)
  • The 5th dimension (16:00)
  • The 5th dimension is now (16:14)
  • Observing the past and future through memories (17:06)
  • The 5th dimension is a unified state and a higher state of being (19:43)
  • At the 5th dimension, you are creating the now every single moment (20:13)
  • Love where you are right now (21:30)