033: Hyper Focus

Go back to that one time you had a great idea. Do you remember how your whole being told you “this is great!”, “this feels exciting” or “this is a breakthrough”? That moment is the crystalised power of your true reality telling you what you can achieve. Most of the time, however, the focused energy of that moment wavers because you allow yourself to be distracted. You listen to the belief that what is available to you and what you are conscious of is not real or not the path to your success. So, your decision to go for that idea falls down.

How, then, can you keep distractions at bay and manifest that great idea? Train your mind and body to be hyper focused.

In this episode, I talk about focus and its varying degrees—from unfocused to oscillating to hyper focused. I dive deep into how to focus and commit yourself to your desired end despite setbacks and distractions.


  • Focus can lead to desired results but there are too many distractions around us (01:36)
  • A breakthrough moment (02:56)
  • Distractions tend to dissipate the focused energy of a breakthrough moment (03:35)
  • Determine what’s going on when you’re “on” and when you’re “off” (04:49)
  • Is this a product of my habits? (06:11)
  • Be prepared to make a change (07:02)
  • Can I get greater clarity through reductionism? (09:56)
  • Sit in the idea for at least 72 hours (11:39)
  • We have a lot of ideas because we’ve trained our minds to be busy or distracted (12:47)
  • Schedule time to focus on the idea (13:49)
  • Train your focus (14:06)
  • Being unfocused (14:49)
  • Oscillating focus (15:13)
  • Scheduling micro doses of focus (15:54)
  • Creating hyper focus (16:37)
  • Example of being hyper focused on a desired end (18:23)
  • Committing to an end despite setbacks (20:42)
  • We tend to overlook the cycles and rhythms of daily life (22:07)
  • Persist until your material reality has folded in and confirmed your true reality (23:05)