034: Are You Evolving?

The only thing certain is change. Recognising that we are constantly changing as well and have the power to direct our own evolution is key to success. 

You alone can consciously direct your own evolution. The capacity for self-evolution is highly dependent on conscious intent. 

In this episode, we delve into the 3 areas of evolution, namely – devolution, revolution, and evolution. We dive into each area to better understand where we are stuck in life and how we can improve and evolve. 

The process of evolution is hard by nature because we have to shed old skin. If you are not expressing your new reality through your thoughts, actions, and feelings, then you cannot experience your preferred reality. 

Focus on your journey and observe what is devolving, revolving, and evolving in each and every area of your life. Then go about carefully selecting the information, thoughts, and feelings that align with your preferred reality. You can then master your own reality by becoming a conscious curator rather than an unconscious follower.


  • Everything is energy and nothing is fixed (1:53) 
  • 3 areas of evolution (2:03)
  • Devolution (2:27)
  • In giving up, we surrender to the polarized view (3:03)
  • Staying in the old state of mind (3:50)
  • Revolution (4:22)
  • Revolving around frustration (5:10)
  • Evolving (6:07)
  • Viewing things as if through the eyes of a child (7:18)
  • The process of evolution is hard by nature (7:30)
  • How to identify where you are in the 3 areas of evolution (11:18)
  • What you can see, you can act upon (13:54)
  • Part of evolving is the willingness to learn something new (14:19)
  • Having the curiosity of a child (14:23)
  • Understand what you are learning through application (14:39)
  • New networks produce new results (17:34)
  • Pruning of new energy in the quantum field (18:38)
  • Focus on your journey (19:15)
  • Level of energy vs level of matter (20:37)
  • Every seed grows in its own time (21:20)