035: Manifesting 101

Manifesting is a big subject to tackle. It’s widely known and a lot of people are interested in it. When it’s discussed, these questions inevitably come up: How do you manifest at speed? How do you get better at manifesting your intentions or fulfilling your desires? How do you manifest a boyfriend or a girlfriend? How do you manifest a great sale?

In this episode, I dive deep into the meaning of manifesting. Join me as I go beyond the old archetype that you can only manifest in limited forms. I emphasise that the limit of our manifesting skills is the limit of our belief. So, if you can manifest a dollar on the ground or a free parking slot during busy times, then you can manifest a successful business or a great relationship.


  • Manifest defined (02:29) 
  • You manifest what you are, not what you want (03:09)
  • We fail to appreciate the depth of manifesting as a state of being (04:15)
  • Upgrade your opinion and vision of what is outside of you (05:40)
  • We are creators, we create our reality (06:57)
  • The limit of our manifesting skills is the limit of our belief (07:58)
  • The Law of Manifesting (10:08)
  • Signs, symbols and synchronicities (11:16)
  • Manifesting is about now (12:16)
  • Problems with manifesting and how to overcome them (13:25)
  • Certainty equals outcome (15:20)
  • Time is irrelevant (16:03)
  • We often come from the vantage point of lack (17:32)
  • To manifest means to align (17:55)
  • The creative essence is sparked and perpetuated by enthusiasm (19:25)
  • Train yourself to recognise what it feels like to experience the fulfilment of your desires (20:26)