036: Manifesting 102

When you listen to the inner conversations you’re having with yourself, notice the language you’re using. What are the feelings you’re observing about yourself, others, and the world around you?

In order to experience our preferred reality, we must unify our thoughts, words, and actions. 

In this episode we delve into the principle of 1+1 = 1. Relating this principle to the next level of manifesting. One thought and one aligned feeling produces one unified result. When your thoughts and feelings are coherent, you align them with your desired reality. 

It does not matter what you give your mental and emotional attention to, as long as they are aligned. This alignment will draw to you that which you desire.

Remember that we do not experience results based on what we want. We experience results because we have become the experience ahead of time. We do not attract what we want. We attract what we are.


  • 1 plus 1 does not equal 2 (2:25)
  • We attract what we are (3:07)
  • One thought and one feeling produces one aligned results (3:46)
  • What you think is an electric pulse (4:02)
  • Experiencing magnetism in the field (5:23)
  • Why most people do not experience the strength of manifesting (5:34)
  • To experience a changed reality, you must change who you are being (7:28)
  • You are the product of your results (7:35)
  • You are not your desires as they are (7:43)
  • Where do we get stuck? (8:44)
  • Discharging ourselves from a new reality (8:59)
  • The body is the mechanism through which we experience emotions (9:29)
  • One thing equals everything (10:29)
  • Mobilize your energy through meditation (11:11)
  • Energy is both electric and magnetic (12:38)
  • Everything is now (13:38)
  • Our inner conversations produces our outer reality (14:19)
  • Unified thoughts and feelings in the 5th dimension (17:04)
  • The end result is experienced through emotion (19:13)
  • Learn how to master energy (21:17)
  • Learn how to shed density (21:28)