038: Master Your Reality

How would you feel waking up each morning knowing that you are the master of your own reality? The wisdom that this brings would make your life very different indeed. You would have a different view of how you engage, build and design your world. 

In this episode, I dive deep on how to train your mind, body and energy to master reality. The first step is awareness and another is to build upon preferred experiences and learning from non-preferred experiences. By doing this, you move from chaos and complexity to order and simplicity. 


  • An interesting question for you (02:07)
  • When you have no control in life (03:07)
  • How to find order and balance in chaos (03:33)
  • Learn through the experience of your past (06:02)
  • Train your mind, body and energy to focus on what you prefer (06:40)
  • Mastering your reality is about awareness (08:57)
  • Have a clear sight of your preferred experiences or target (10:24)
  • Change your alignment (11:41)
  • You have the power to control your reality (13:31)
  • Master the self (15:04)
  • Reduce the details to energy and frequency (17:07)
  • Energy precedes matter (18:10)
  • Everything is an alchemical process (18:56)
  • Energy precedes you (19:37)
  • Prune away the distractions or noise that do not align with your preferred reality (20:47)
  • Give attention, focus and direction to the currency of your thoughts, feelings and actions (22:09)
  • Transcend your fears (22:51)