041: Achieve More in One Year

Your mind will instinctively be flooded by all the things that you want for your life and your business. So, take a moment to think about how you will answer this question. Underneath all of those superficial desires, you will find a pulse that acts as a beacon to a more profound answer.

In this episode, I will help you dive deep into this question and unpack all the dialogue that will come out so you can arrive at the subtle more powerful frequencies that are living and breathing at your depth. Then when you get to that level, I will guide you to find your one central quest for the next 12 months of your life. 


  • How to answer today’s important question (02:33)
  • The first step towards answering the question (03:59)
  • The second step that will unearth grander, more subtle frequencies (05:29)
  • Clear through layers (06:27)
  • Running frequencies (07:44)
  • Finding the deeper questions (09:58)
  • Focus on one central frequency (11:15)
  • Example of a central frequency: “to know” (11:42)
  • Turn your theme into a quest for one year (13:50)
  • Use your quest to guide your decisions, routines and habits (15:34)
  • What if you only have 40 years left on this plane of existence? (17:58)
  • Imagination is very powerful (18:40)
  • Commit to one quest per year (20:00)
  • Freedom, peace, happiness (20:59)