043: Fear of Failure

Failure is a vital and inevitable element in the road towards success. However, many entrepreneurs balk at the thought of failing at something. Whether it’s a new project or a new relationship, the fear of failure inevitably stops many from even taking a single step towards their desired goals. Thus, their dreams fizzle out even before they start.

In this episode, I dive deep into fear of failure. What is failure? Why do we fear it? How can we change our perspective about it? Can we use it to keep evolving and reaching for our desired reality? 

To answer the last question, yes we can. Have a listen and let me show you how.


  • Does the fear of failure kill the dreams and desires of many entrepreneurs? (02:03)
  • Failure is a warped perception that you can change (03:42)
  • Are failures “on the way” or “in the way” of your ultimate reality? (05:07)
  • What is failure? (06:22)
  • Are you fully aligned with and clear about your desired end? (07:55)
  • Denial of the lack of clarity is a fear of deciding (10:25)
  • Failures are turning points to reflect on the deeper questions you need to ask (11:30)
  • Fear and fear of failure are constructs of the mind (13:13)
  • Failure is also a muscle (14:14)
  • The fear of failure is encoded with lessons (15:13)
  • Repetition produces results (16:16)
  • Unrealistic results imposed on entrepreneurs (17:24)
  • Fail as often as you can but observe the lessons (17:48)
  • When you arrive at the point where you want to shift your mindset, work smarter not harder (19:05)
  • Lean in and listen to the failure (20:27)