044: Ask Matthew – “I Don’t Know What I Want”

People need not fear the unknown if they are capable of achieving what they need and want.

Do you know what you want in the future? 

In exploring what we want for our future, seldom do we take the leap in moving ahead in spite of not knowing the outcome. The key is to lean in to what inspires and lights you up.

In this episode, we delve into an intriguing email I received from one of our listeners. He shares with us his questions about how to move forward when you are not sure of what you want for your future. 

The future can look uncertain because we are free to explore and question our beliefs and our current reality. But you will always find the answers you seek as long as you keep seeking and if you use curiosity as your compass. Be curious and open yourself to what exists through curiosity and having an active imagination.

Trust yourself and explore your curiosity.


  • Signs and omens (4:00) 
  • Imagining how you want your future to look (5:46)
  • What if you don’t know what you want for your future? (6:10)
  • How to find the inner and true will of the soul (7:20)
  • Long-term experiences in one environment shape us (9:30)
  • We become the product of our environment (9:55)
  • What do you want your future to look like when your past was decided for you? (12:33)
  • Not judging yourself and your decisions (13:00)
  • Sit with the feelings of not knowing and watch for signs (13:12)
  • Signs are all based on perspective (13:25)
  • Step back from the self and the identity (14:15)
  • Observe what is coming into the field (14:30)
  • We receive new information every second (15:05)
  • Simple exercise to guide and help you see the signs (18:00)
  • Leaning into what lights you up (19:05)
  • Your highest potential fully exists with us in the now (20:19)
  • Your future is formed in the now (20:58)
  • Everything forms around curiosity (22:05)


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