046: Ask Matthew – “Why Aren’t I Seeing Results?”

Have you ever tried to put yourself out there but over time you feel as if you’re not getting the results that you desire despite all your efforts? You are not attracting the clients that you want? Or the people around you don’t seem to be interested at all with what you’re offering?

These nagging doubts have afflicted Dawn Ann, a listener from Pennsylvania. She is a natural healer, but she feels as if people are not interested in her services even if she says that she doesn’t mind if she’s not paid. 

In this episode, I dive deep into Dawn Ann’s scenario. I go over the reasons why the doubts emerge and what you can do to safeguard yourself against the debilitating state that manifests when you engage doubt and fear.


  • I’m not seeing the results I want so maybe I’m doing something wrong? (02:32)
  • Putting yourself out there but no one seems interested (05:00)
  • Competition between the conscious and the subconscious mind leads to disorder (06:45)
  • Expanding an idea but encountering time lags leads to the conscious mind planting seeds of doubt in the subconscious mind (07:19)
  • Avoid mistakes through visualisation (10:15)
  • That which is in the heart (subconscious) comes out through open conversations (11:19)
  • Enrol yourself into the desired end to fulfil it (12:52)
  • Transfer past successes and methodologies into the opportunity that you’re looking at right now (14:53) 
  • Fight chaos by growing seeds that are aligned in both conscious and subconscious minds (16:09)
  • Stop judging other people based on self-doubt (17:12)
  • Be transparent with yourself and the universe (19:24)
  • Condense everything into one resolution that you persistently desire every day (20:53)