050: The Day I Met A Sufi Alchemist

In life, we are all alchemists. We are all chemical in nature. However, our realization of that depends on our ability, curiosity and commitment to explore who it is we really are and what it is we really want to create. 

Around 7 or 8 years ago, I met a sufi alchemist who changed my life. He was my wake up call and because of that conversation, I then dove more deeply into the school of thought and the school of energy and life – far grander than that which vibrates at the physical.

In this episode, I share how Billy, a sufi alchemist opened my eyes to see that what you do right now and what you believe you do is a transition piece. You are transitioning from one life experience to the next.

Understand that it does not matter where you find yourself right now. What you see can be changed and can be upgraded. That is the key. That is the alchemist within and we are all that. 



  • How I met a sufi alchemist (2:30)
  • Anomalies (4:38)
  • What does a sufi alchemist do? (8:35)
  • What it takes to unwind a distorted DNA pattern (9:52)
  • Ayurvedic medicine (10:00)
  • How to transcend the self (11:47)
  • Commit to the journey of a year of building and growing a new self (11:57)
  • A season, reason, or lifetime (14:38)
  • Peaking your curiosity (16:05)
  • Finding your true self (14:23)
  • Transcending lifetimes (18:01)
  • There are no limits (21:00)
  • It doesn’t matter where you find yourself right now (21:40)

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