051: It’s Because You Don’t Want It Enough

Have you ever asked yourself why you fall short of achieving your desires? Well, the title of our episode answers your question, it’s because you don’t want it enough.

You may argue and say that you really want business success, a partner, a house, a million dollars in your bank account. Do you really? Or are you just attached to a fantasy that you have not fully embraced? 

In this episode, I encourage you to dive deep into the question “What is it that you want?” 

As 2020 winds down, take a long moment to reflect on this question and define your answer. Determine why you fall short on some of your goals and why you’ve achieved your other desires. Use this exercise to set yourself up for a better year ahead and show the world that you are fully committed to fulfilling what you desire.


  • Questions about falling short of your goals (01:48)
  • The answer: you don’t want it enough (02:49)
  • You have what it takes to achieve whatever you want (03:07)
  • An announcement (04:00)
  • Reflection + awareness = new wisdom (04:43)
  • Detachment vs attachment (04:58)
  • Hope is a misguided step (05:33)
  • You may be attached to a fantasy (07:18)
  • Give yourself time to sit with and reflect on what you really want (08:03)
  • Define what you want so you have a focal point and won’t be a “flaky wonderer” (10:29)
  • Look back and observe what you want to continue experiencing (12:53)
  • Identify and observe what had gone wrong (16:09)
  • Commit to realistically experience what you want based on what you value (18:48)
  • Love yourself (20:47)
  • Lean into the question without fear (22:23)

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