052: Fearing Your Potential?

Are you courageous enough to live your life, design your life and experience your life, your businesses, finances, and health, exactly the way you want it? 

Do you have the courage to live your life precisely the way you desire it? Or are you being held back by fear? 

Fear keeps us from living the life we want to live. But fear will always be a part of our lives. In order to live a life of abundance, happiness and success, you must feel the fear and do it anyway.

In this episode, we delve into how you can observe how much fear you are running in making your decisions, guiding your behaviours, and in pursuing your dreams. To live a life of courage is to live a life free of the concept and operating system of fear being your guiding principle. 

What would your life look like if you lived it courageously? Not living without fear, but living despite the fear. 

You are not here to only exist. You are here to live and you get to choose how you live.


  • Fear is the undermining illusion that you cannot have what you want (2:55)
  • It takes courage to truly live your live (3:25)
  • Fear as a systemic aspect of our primal brain (3:43)
  • Fear is the animalistic mind (3:57)
  • Fight or flight (4:38)
  • Operating in consistent systemic fear (5:15)
  • Experiencing our natural resting state (5:33)
  • Meditation to train your body to relax (5:44)
  • Systemic system of fear (7:45) 
  • Living within our animalistic mind (8:37)
  • Leves of fear that we operate within (9:43)
  • Fight or flight (10:31)
  • Observe the state fear in your body (11:38)
  • Accessing the full power of the subconscious in a relaxed state (12:53)
  • Traveling in the Alpha vehicle and Alpha brain waves (14:45)
  • Are you truly living? (17:49)
  • Imagine the life the way you want it and lean in to that (20:12)
  • Choose to feed the higher mind (20:30)

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