053: Long-term Goals Can Equal Failure

As a business owner, you know the importance of having goals in mind, both short-term and long-term goals. But have you ever asked yourself if having long-term goals is secretly setting you up for failure? 

I’ve certainly deep dived into this question several times throughout my career.

In this episode, I discuss what I’ve discovered about goals. What does this term mean? How are goals and your preferred reality related? I also give tips on how you can start your goal-setting groove so you can achieve more faster than ever before.


  • Is long-term goal-setting the best way to structure your success? (02:25)
  • What are “goals”? (03:32)
  • Why turn long-term goals into micro-goals? (06:22)
  • Your voids and aspects of lack undermine your belief in what is possible (08:35)
  • Lean into the nano/micro aspect of the macro (10:46)
  • What does it feel like to double your current financial situation? (12:58)
  • Build evidence of what you want through the language of feeling (14:20)
  • Operate from a state of coherence to move point B to point A (16:28)
  • Commit to believing in the power of your imagination (17:33)
  • The “how” is in the “now” (18:56)
  • Observe and learn about your own power (20:01)