054: Clear Your Junk And Go All In On Your Desires

Typically, a new year leads to people creating New Year’s resolutions. 

However, I’ve never been an advocate of this practice. For one thing, any day of the year can be the start of a new year should you choose it to be. Also, a new year’s resolution oftentime fails and becomes a one-hit-wonder that’s forgotten within two to three months. Finally, creating a new year’s resolution is the opposite of going all in.

In this episode, I dive deep into what going all in means and what it looks like. I also discuss how going all in will have more impact and longer-lasting effects on your life and business.


  • A new year, a new resolution? (02:40)
  • Going all in on your desires, what does it mean? (04:24)
  • The first point of going all in: a concept (05:07)
  • The second point of going all in: stretch beyond the current desires (06:04)
  • Go into the unknown (08:45)
  • Invest in a new “vehicle” to have a better journey toward point C (10:44)
  • Going all in vs holding back (12:25)
  • Change and synchronicity (13:54)
  • Atrophy vs wisdom (15:51)
  • Be definite about going all in, including the things you need to prune out (16:45)
  • Emotional density: the biggest tripwire to going all in (18:46)
  • Unpack Point C (20:19)