057: I’m Over Feeling Stuck

Have you ever noticed that when you change, the world around you starts to change as well? The people, the conversations, the events and the results that you observe all begin to change. 

We can choose to change. The opportunity for change always exists. However, what stops most people from changing, is the burn and desire to change. 

In this episode, we delve into the power of taking one committed action after another and making the conscious choice to change.

If you’re over feeling stuck, make that conscious choice to change. Don’t stick with the book of stuckness and believe that that is your library for life.


  • The smart ones will ask you how you did it (3:00)
  • The ego getting in the way of your growth (3:43)
  • Reverse engineering how others achieved success (4:03)
  • Why do people fail to change? (4:38)
  • At the beginning of change is rejection (5:00)
  • Achieving information from the field (5:25)
  • Are we cognizant of change? (6:37)
  • The opportunity for change always exists (6:45)
  • What stops people from changing? (7:07)
  • The desire for change must be present (7:49)
  • Marrying the subconscious and conscious mind to change (7:59)
  • Stacking opportunity in your favor (8:40)
  • Making the conscious choice to change (9:19)
  • Three F’s we need to know (10:15)
  • Moving from the desire phase to the next step (11:10)
  • Embracing change on different levels (11:55)
  • All change is inevitable (15:52)
  • That feeling of being stuck (18:15)
  • The addictive nature of staying in the old self (22:25)