058: Will My Results Be Taken Away

So you’ve worked hard and now you’re reaping the rewards. You’re experiencing the results of your hard work, your focus, your attention, and your commitment. But what happens next?

You start to relax a bit and that voice in your head starts to question you. 

“Of all the work that I’ve done so far, if I stop doing what I’m doing, will everything I’ve worked for disappear overnight?

In this episode, we delve into bringing that unspoken fear to the surface and how you can maintain your success. 

If you can monitor your decisions to lean into your behaviours that align with your results, you will have no problem maintaining your success. It is when you stay aware and practice what brought you to your results that you will keep those results and make them compound.


  • Being singularly focused on an outcome (3:31)
  • Arriving at a confirmation point (3:55)
  • The key to desires fulfilled (4:29)
  • Delivering what you promise (5:38)
  • The importance of following through (5:55)
  • Emotions are the results (7:40)
  • Entertaining the old fear (7:52)
  • Allowing yourself to go back into the pit (8:11)
  • Immerse yourself in the new way of life (9:10)
  • Where the rise of fear comes in (10:15)
  • Relief frequency (10:40)
  • The stone of truth (12:17)
  • Making new decisions based on the new you (13:30)
  • Awareness is golden (13:54)
  • Practice makes permanent (15:00)
  • Move away from impatience (17:19)
  • Give yourself a new practice (18:04)
  • Compounding the energy toward your desired end (18:20)
  • Taking your foot off the rock of truth (20:00)