062: The $30MIL Conscious Upgrade


Sometimes we are faced with critical situations in our life, whether that’s in our business, finances, health, or our personal direction and purpose. 

When this happens, we sit with the big question: “What is truly possible for me so that I can give the energy that’s needed in order for it to become real and fulfilled?”

In this episode, we delve into the $30million conscious upgrade that was recently discussed with one of my clients. This case study is for you to consider where you are at right now or where you have been previously in your thinking and in your decision-making process of your life. 

Creating upgrades in any area of your life begins with the mindset. You must have a burning desire to experience a result. If it’s only a fleeting thought, then it will come and go on a whimsical basis.

When you invest energy and attention in it, the $30million conscious upgrade is possible.


  • $30million conscious upgrade (3:46)
  • How do I determine what I want? (4:22)
  • Lack of clarity on what you want (4:35)
  • Is it the lack of clarity or the belief that your preferred reality is possible? (4:46)
  • I feel stuck (5:55)
  • What is your big picture goal? (6:30)
  • What does your life look like at $30million? (7:28)
  • Drop the logic mind (8:00)
  • Placing yourself in a possible future reality (9:25)
  • Creating through our imagination (9:50)
  • What would you say to people who are where you were? (10:10)
  • What lessons did you learn from your $30million journey? (10:40)
  • Never take no as an answer (11:15)
  • It all comes down to making a decision (12:47)
  • What got you here will not take you there (13:38)
  • Consciousness is the one true reality (14:50)
  • Overcomplicating the process of upgrading (15:15)
  • Make the leap at light speed (15:45)
  • What you want is what you want (17:42)
  • Are you consciously aware of your desires? (17:58)
  • Lean in to your future (18:24)
  • Upgrading your internal environment (20:20)