007: Healing Your Relationships to Succeed

Do you sometimes find yourself choosing between nurturing your relationships or focusing on your business? Are you wired to believe that you can have success but at the expense of other areas in your life? What if you learned that there is a way to have successful relationships and have a growing business at the same time? 

In this episode, we deep dive into how raising your energy frequency is what will give you the results you desire in your health, relationships, and business. By resolving negative charges in your relationships, you can move the needle of all aspects of your life. Because the more you release negative density such as fear, pain, and judgment you are freeing up that energy to be used as a creative force to create your preferred new reality. 

Relationships are rocketships. They are the keys to your success. If you desire an upgraded reality, you must attend to your metaphorical garden and the people in your garden. By doing so, you wire yourself to that future experience in the now by choosing thoughts that put you in your ideal future.


  • Your body is a time machine (02:58)
  • Your idea of yourself as an entrepreneur (03:25)
  • Relationships are embedded in your psycho-social behavior (5:35)
  • Healing your relationships to grow your business (6:28)
  • Bringing in our past and our identity when we enter into business (6:35)
  • How do you feel about your relationships? (7:17)
  • It is your responsibility to wire yourself to that future experience in the now (8:05)
  • Business is the best personal journey ever (9:19)
  • Relationships are the underpinning foundation of our being (9:53)
  • Evolving who we are (11:18)
  • You are the interface into reality (12:57)
  • Look at your relationships (13:39)
  • Look at your world through your relationships (14:03)
  • State of Being (16:02)
  • Success is not a linear path (16:57)
  • Move the needle of all aspects of your life by resolving negative charges in your relationships (18:00)
  • Relationships are rocketships (19:27)
  • Unifying things and bringing them into equilibrium (21:18)