008: The Power of Meditation and Gratitude

Saying “thank you” is something we all learn at an early age and something we teach our children. Gratitude is part of being a good person who makes the world a better place to live in. But oftentimes we underestimate its power. Gratitude can influence how we view the world and it can be developed through meditation.

In this episode, we discuss the power of gratitude and meditation. We unpack how those who are more appreciative of life tend to live healthier, longer, more productive, and fulfilled lives. 

Through gratitude and meditation our self-awareness is heightened. Meditation is a journey to awaken and activate your full potential. 

It is through the daily practice of gratitude and meditation that brings about the magical aspects of who you are. 


  • Styles of meditation (2:00)
  • What it means to be present and available through meditation (2:17)
  • Meditation is a place for you to engage with your true self and your true potential (3:02)
  • Connecting with your higher self (4:46)
  • Crystalize your knowing (5:19)
  • Experienced your results ahead of time using Gratitude as a signal (5:50)
  • Gratitude swells the cells of the heart (6:49)
  • Reconditioning your body through meditation (8:41)
  • Going beyond BETY: Body, Environment, Time, Yourself (17:19)
  • Do you have a block around gratitude? (17:49)
  • Being stuck in the cycle of “I’ll believe it when I see it.” (18:26)
  • Fall back in love with your life (19:21)
  • Successful people love their life (19:37)
  • Aligning yourself with your new destiny (20:07)
  • The power of “Thank you” (20:28)
  • Expand your heart, your energetic signature, and your potential through gratitude (21:23)