009: Alignment

Successfully achieving something in your life entails immense focus. Once you get your goals in alignment, amazing things can happen. 

So how can you hone and train your mind to focus on only those results that you wish to experience? Have the end goal in mind and build alignment by being specific with your end. That way, you know what it looks like when it comes. 

In this episode, we deep dive into bringing the state of being into alignment in order to create a uniform harmonic resonance. 

Your alignment is the arrow that pierces the target. So, continue to follow the course of action that is aligned with your end in order to achieve your preferred results.


  • What is “alignment”? (1:57)
  • Mal-alignments and misalignments (4:07)
  • Falling prey to many alignments (7:45)
  • The king and queen of growth is awareness (7:58)
  • When you change your alignment, you change your future experience (9:13)
  • Alignment is fundamental for results (11:09)
  • Alignment is the arrow that pierces the target (12:14)
  • We are a holographic-reality producing machine (12:49)
  • Underestimating our ability to change and upgrade our reality at will (12:56)
  • The “will” maintains the focus and energy of the arrow towards the target (12:59)
  • Where you place your attention and energy permeates into other areas of your life (15:37)
  • A single alignment that is encoded with your desire, will follow you (16:12)
  • Distraction is not necessarily negative (17:30)
  • Building alignment to reach success (17:44)
  • Keyword to remember in your affirmations and meditations: BECAUSE (16:15)
  • You are never out of alignment, you are just in alternative alignments (20:12)
  • Your future is now (21:11)
  • Aligning with your future in the now (21:15)