002: Wired for Success

Success. It’s what so many of us are working towards. But what does success mean for you? Is it building your own business? Is it being able to travel more? Or is it having more free time to spend with your loved ones? Success means different things for each individual.  Human beings are experience-seeking beings.…

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001: High Performance Consciousness

We tend to treat imagination as something that has nothing to do with reality, but this is quite the opposite. Imagination shapes the way we see our reality and in turn, affects our expectations, hopes, our actions and our behavior. People who succeed are those who use their imagination. What you place your attention on…

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000: Why I Started This Podcast

In this very first episode of High Performance Consciousness I share why I started this podcast, the journey to what brought me to this place, and what you can expect as a listener of the show.

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