The Roadmap to Everything You Desire
in 2019 & Beyond

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A Powerful Blend of Quantum Physics, Neuro-Science and Mysticism...


Break-Free from the Past. Liberate Yourself from a Predictable Future. Consciously Create a New Upgraded Reality.


The Roadmap to Everything You Desire
in 2019 and Beyond...

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Many still believe only certain people have the mystical power to shape the world according to their thoughts, to intuitively know the right decisions to make and to see new opportunities and assets that have been hidden in plain sight all around them.

The truth is anyone of any age, gender, culture or background can positively influence and transform the world around them and transcend old beliefs structure that have kept them bound to the past and living with a predictable future.

Based on 25 years of personal exploration and experimentation within the Infinite Field of Possibilities (Quantum Field), Matthew has been able to shape countless pinnacle experiences using a unique stylised blend of quantum science, neruo-plasticity and mysticism.

Without any reservation, Matthew whole-heartedly believes "Everything is Possible" and has witnessed many of his students transform their worlds through their new upgraded love for life.

Introducing, The Zero Limits Mastermind

The Zero Limits Mastermind openly reveals the core secrets of old mystery schools, stripped of fluffy new age rituals, and blends them with the latest advances in mind research, quantum physics, and neurobiology, into a comprehensive ‘ultimate reality hack’ training program.

It’s time to move beyond linear 3rd dimensional thinking
— into unlimited 5th dimensional growth and possibilities.

In Our Mastermind, You Will Learn 'How To':

  • Upgrade your thoughts and feelings to create a new elevated personal reality
  • Connect with the innate intelligence within the Quantum Field for deep healing and unlimited abundance
  • Tap into higher states of awareness and awaken advanced conscious abilities
  • Transcend the repeating patterns of your past and liberate yourself from a predictable future
  • Rewire your brain, body and environment from 3D surviving to elevated 5D thriving
  • Create full sensory experiences beyond your "normal" 5 material senses
  • Have "real", palpable mystical and metaphysical experiences
  • Break the habits and addictions that have kept you rooted in the past
  • Re-program your subconscious with a new empowered 'Zero Limits' mind

Here are a few of the incredible life changing shifts members of the 'Zero Limits Mastermind' have experienced...

Tara's Experiences:

Tara is an incredibly gifted healer and mentor in the space of women's health and leadership. Running yoga classes, women's retreats and private energy sessions -  along with meeting the needs of her large family - left little time and room in her life to focus on what she truely desired.

Week on week she applied herself diligently to the meditations and mastermind sessions; gradually gaining more and more momentum in her personal and business life.

Here is just a few of Tara's magic milestones : wiping $35,000 of debt off in one conversation; moving her busy practice to a new upgraded location brimming with fresh business opportunities, attracting a week's holiday at the beach for her family at New Years, creating more joy and harmony in her household and overcoming her fear of dentists (which is a phenomenal story in itself).

Without doubt, Tara's world has changed significantly. She know create her life by design and is loving her new found freedom and personal power.

Catherine's Experiences:

When Catherine joined the Zero Limits Mastermind she had been running a successful construction business with her husband for the past 15 years. However, one of the main problems they consistently faced was attracting and keeping good quality staff to meet the needs of their growing business.

At the beginning of the mastermind, Catherine made set a clear intention - to attract 3 new, high-calibre staff members to cover the work left by the previous ineffective staff members. Within the first 2 weeks, she had successfully hired 3 new team members - including one manager) to help with the growth of the business.

The weight Catherine and her husband were carrying was instantly lifted giving them both the confidence, support and momentum their needed to grow their business to the next level.

She continues to manifest new opportunities and outcomes in other areas of her life within very short periods of time because the energy that was tied up in trying to find quality staff has now been freed up and made available for her to invest pursuing her dreams.

Natasha's Experiences:

When Natasha first decided to join the Zero Limits Mastermind she wanted to create more ease and flow in her life as well as, strengthen her inner guidance and intuitive abilities.

Prior to this Natasha's family's home had been on the market for 5 months without any interested buyers or a single offer. So, she decided to apply what she had learnt in the Zero Limits Mastermind.

Within 2 weeks of starting she had attracted a new buyer for their house who paid what they wanted and settled within one week.

Natasha's second Zero Limits project was to create a new career opportunity that would give her more time with her young family and decrease the amount of stress she experienced in her current role... leaving her feeling more relaxed, in flow and enjoying life.

Exactly 4 weeks after she applied a specific creation tool shared by Matthew in the mastermind, she was offered a brand new role within the same company giving her more time, money and freedom to enjoy her life.

Karl's Experiences:

Working as a leading architect for an offshore construction company Karl often experienced incredible stress and pressure in his role - managing teams on large jobs and installations. However, Karl knew there was a better way to direct his energy and manage his workflow.

When he first enrolled in the Zero Limits Mastermind, Karl wanted to develop his natural healing and intuitive abilities so he could work alongside his wife in their envisioned cancer recovery and healing centre.

Within 3 weeks of commencing his Zero Limits journey, Karl's confidence in his natural abilities had increased noticeably. He now felt confident helping members of his construction team deal with the stress and anxiety of working away from their families while remaining focused on completing the projects on time.

Karl's heart-centre had expanded and he had fallen back in love with his life... feeling more aligned, centred and powerful than ever before.

Kerry's Experiences:

Kerry is a very talented healer, music teacher and mentor to children and joined the Zero Limits Mastermind with the intention of growing her business and fine tuning her own conscious abilities, without all the hype and heavy lifting of other "conventional" development programs require.

Having also been a practitioner of the health, healing and spiritual arts for many years, Kerry voiced her deep inner intention to heal the trauma and pain of her past - freeing her from living the same predictable future she had experienced for so many years.

Within the 3 weeks of her mastermind journey, Kerry was beginning to feel stronger and more at peace within herself. She was now sleeping through the night - waking feeling rested and refreshed - which she hadn't experienced for many years.  As a result she felt more aligned, whole and balanced, and began attracting new students to her music school.

In week 5, having diligently applied the tools given to her by Matthew, Kerry experienced a spontaneous illumination of her Soul -- filling her with the courage and trust in herself to face her past and bring it to light to be healed. As a result, life has taken on new meaning, joy and a deep sense of peace within herself.

She is "unlimited" and now knows this to be true!

Bill's Experiences:

Bill's life was great. A recent promotion at work and finding the love of his life filled him with greater meaning, certainty and fulfilment. So much so, when he decided to enrol in the Zero Limits Mastermind he wanted to explore the depths of his conscious abilities and his innate interest in healing.

By the second week of the mastermind, Bill felt an increasing confidence in his ability to accurately predict (preview) the near-future while talking to others. He could "just" sense what was going to happen beforehand.

By week 6, and as strength in his conscious abilities grew, Bill successfully overcame the feelings of vulnerability and fear of the unknown as a result of using the tools he received in the mastermind.

Bill opened a new gateway into the eternal present moment and now feels completely energised, at peace and connected to all possibilities. Life continues to get better and better for Bill.

Jeff's Experiences:

Jeff had been consulting as a head trainer for a health company for 2 years when he joined the Zero Limits Mastermind.

Although he loved his role and the people he worked with, deep down he knew it was time to step out on his own to serve in his own unique way. However, he didn't feel confident enough and worried he was making a mistake.

Within the first few weeks of the journey with Matthew, Jeff began experiencing a greater sense of clarity, confidence and inner strength. He created a very clear intention and committed himself to experiencing it.

By week 6, an opportunity to follow his core calling presented itself. Within the next two weeks Jeff successfully launched his own new venture and received backing... this was his time to shine.

Sarah's Experiences:

Sarah entered the Zero Limits Mastermind having already invested 2 years in her own personal and spiritual development - deciding to leave a well paid, longterm corporate role in order for he to pursue her passion for writing, indigenous cultures and personal transformation.

Within the first few weeks of the mastermind, Sarah began to feel more at home and at peace with herself. Her writing was deeper and far more profound. Her life had shifted up several gears. She felt alive and powerful.

Sarah quickly discover that 'time' can be the thief of dreams if she waited. So, through the power of the ZL tools she began manifesting her new home, new connections and writing opportunities faster than ever before. She was aligned and on fire.

Julie Wintle

My 'Zero Limits Mastermind' experience was amazing!!!

When I first decided to join the Zero Limits Mastermind I was at a cross-roads in my life and business — not knowing which direction to take. It seemed I had more questions than answers.  I wanted to understand ‘where to from here’.  Spiritually, I believe I was at an apprentice level however, I am always looking for personal growth and learning new tools to help me be the best I can be.

For me, the ‘Zero Limits Mastermind’ has really opened my mind and awareness to so many more possibilities.

Learning to write my ‘ultimate reality’ and learning to see it, feel it, was awesome.

The mediations were amazing together with the guided-ness and the music.  This was a whole new level for me. New awareness is showing up daily.

During the process there were a lot of changes within myself generally as well as, within my body, mind and my business.

About 2/3rds of the way through the program my business was really quiet. I decided to do one of Matt’s meditations during the day, focusing on my ‘ultimate reality’.  Well, within an hour of finishing my meditation I received a phone call for a $10,000 project as well as, lots of new little jobs dropping in over the next few days. Totally approximately $13,500. Wow! Just WOW!

For anyone wanting to increase their self-awareness, their spiritual growth and live a happier, healthier and more confident life, I highly recommend taking the leap of faith and enrolling int the Zero Limits Mastermind with Matthew.  It is well worth it.

Julie Wintle, Business Owner, New Zealand
Jeff Cloud

Coming into the Zero Limits group with Matt at the helm has been an empowering journey into self and a true gift. With limitations exposed on a deeper level, and more “real eye zations” into thinking way “outside” the box, this was a very powerful and “cutting edge” experience.

Having the knowledge reaffirmed that there truly is no such thing as “time”, and diving into creating the outcome without having to wait for time to catch up is a powerful reality truth that everyone should Investigate and put into their daily practice as Sovereign Unlimited Beings.

The meditations that Matt created are very powerful, and the energy and Insights that he brings to the table cannot be denied. The quality of people that he attracts just adds to the powerful and life changing experience.

I highly recommend this powerful journey to anyone seeking to expand their wisdom, knowledge of self, and personal creative manifestation powers. Get ready to get supercharged!

Jeff Cloud, Author of “Waking UP In The Dream” & Coach w The Powerful Man.
Lamanda Brown

I can’t thank Matt enough for all that he shared with me; the support, resources and the time he took with me and his unwavering faith in my abilities. He certainly took me to a new level that I was ready for. I highly recommend Matt for all his work, I am so glad my angels guided me to work with him.

Matt is an amazing leader, game changer, expert in his field and full of Divine wisdom that is so masterful.  He also anchors a very high frequency of love and light for this world that is full of 5D Divinity. Thank you, Matt, from the bottom of my heart for all that you do, you are such a blessing. I am so honoured to know you and to have had the chance to work with you. Love Lamanda

Lamanda Brown, Angel Alchemist. Soul Reader, Angel Intuitive and Mind, Body and Soul Coach

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About Matthew:

Matthew Patti is a global leader in consciousness, human excellence and spiritual growth.

A sought-after International Speaker, Spiritual Teacher and Mentor, he has spent more than two decades at the forefront of metaphysical healing, spirituality and leadership; sharing his wisdom with more than 40,000 ‘Seekers’ around the world over this time.

He loves teaching, inspiring and helping lead coaches, mentors, health professionals and spiritual-preneurs reach higher states of potential and actualise a more fulfilling journey as leaders in service of humanity.

Matthew blends metaphysical principles with practical business know-how to help conscious business owners shift into the 5th dimension -- for greater ease, flow and freedom in their life.

Brief Backstory to Matthew's Journey:

It was mid December, 2012 when the event occurred.

After 3 days of intense presence, and in what seemed like a blink of an eye, the veil to Matthew’s higher consciousness lifted as he experienced an expanded state well outside anything he had previously encountered in his 25 years in health, metaphysics and personal transformation as a degree qualified physiologist.

The vision, insights and information Matthew received in this expanded state were crystal clear: One Moment. One Message. One Mission.

In this moment he heard a very moving and inspirational message: To lead the light. To lead the way. To grow leaders; not followers. To help people activate their potential and awaken to higher states of consciousness.

Matthew was shown the sacred geometry of the flower of life encompassing Gaia - with each point of the intersecting circles representing “Points of Light” or, activation points all over the planet, where people are awakening to higher states of consciousness, reclaiming their personal power and using their unique gifts, talents and abilities to help shift humanity’s consciousness to the next level of spiritual evolution.

To add further depth to Matthew’s experience, he also had specific details relating to major planetary events, energetic transition points and critical timelines in the process of ascension  revealed to him and tasked with sharing this information with others to help them prepare for the Great Awakening and changes to occur cosmologically.

Since this reality-shifting experience, Matthew has delivered workshops and seminars to more than 40,000 people throughout Australia, NZ, USA, UK and Asia in helping them raise their vibration, reclaim their power and choose to live life on new abundant terms.

Matthew believes we all have ‘zero limits’ and an unlimited capacity to create the life we desire. The time for tinkering in the past and playing by the old law-makers’ rules is over and being replaced by a higher, more powerful Truth:

We are eternal, powerful, trans-dimensional beings with advanced conscious abilities.

Angelica Angelica

Meeting Matthew is a blessing in every possible way! His presence was there at the right time! Just weeks in to our seminars … he help me accept my divine gifts and I found my way to align with my higher self...

Matthew helped shape my vision and my purpose for helping others! I can't wait to see where we will go from here!

Stacey Stacey

I never believed my connection would expand to the extent it has. I feel a great honour to have been given this journey, my heart and mind have expanded and could never have even dreamt of the lessons the last 8 weeks have brought to my life.

I am now filled with excitement, clarity and certainty about my own spiritual path and all the beautiful things that await me now. Many blessings to you xx

Andrew Andrew

There was self-doubt within me that I wasn't even acknowledging. After speaking with Matt I experienced a shift in my energy, I faced my self-doubt and gained so much clarity around what it is that I'm here to do and Matt assisted in uncovering my natural abilities and talents.

I am now moving forward with confidence and clarity around myself and my mission. Highly recommend the work of Matt, his insights, guidance and clarity.

Mark Mark

Matthew has the most incredible insight, wisdom and maturity that has resulted in him becoming my "go to guy".

There are not many people I trust when sharing a vision, a business, a passion, that come from a place of the heart but my trust in Matt is implicit and the guidance and mentorship that he has given me has resulted in my business going next level both in finances and impact. Matt, I can't thank you enough.

Francesca Francesca

Working with Matthew has given me the spiritual tools and discussions I needed to realise and actualise the next steps in my life.

Matthew is a heart-felt, high vibration and relatable spiritual mentor who walks his talk. He has a gift in communicating and filling your soul to the brim with insights, inspiration and golden nuggets of wisdom.

Sally Sally

Matthew is such a stand for always remembering and coming from our highest self and the power that has, in any moment.

The skills and tools delivered in the classes are unwavering in constantly bringing us back to the same point of presence and allowing our gifts to gently flow. We therefore never have to lose our integrity with our soul or heart in the pursuit of what is our gift to the world.

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